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New Class Ballance Idea Finale (Part 2)

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    Originally posted by ABlade View Post
    What a funny post. Removing stat stacking of mounts and avatars??? Then all players suddenly quit???

    Are you guys still talking of revamping the core of Zen S to avoid OP class? Why not suggest advent works only for dungeons? Set effect works only for arena? blah blah blah No pain, no gain at all.
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      Testing testing


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        Mage: Mana shield does not work, It drains all the mana when receives great damage, also in pvp is useless, they should change it.

        Besides, thunder shield* need a buff
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          Here's my two cents.

          Slasher & Fighter
          Combine ATK Increase and DEF Increase into one passive.

          Add a DEX or STR passive.

          Add a new passive:
          Double Attack
          Adds a chance to strike twice with basic melee attacks.
          Rate: (20+4*lvl)% - 24% at level 1, 80% at level 15.

          Slasher & Fighter
          Provide a weaker skill with an accuracy buff, such as making Power Charge or Jumping Attack and Lion's Roar or Tiger Charge to have double the accuracy, or make them never miss (barring invincibility buffs)

          Remove the duration increase of Stone Skin and Strength, just default them to 60s. This will give then utility even at level 1, since with enough cool down they could be on perpetually.

          Also, I'd consider swapping the efficacy of Strength on Slasher with Strength of the Charge on Druid. SotC is an AoE buff, on top of two other great buffs Druid has. Seems a little broken that their version of Strength is not only nearly 3x better, but AoE as well.

          Also a minor nitpick, Sacrifice, Blood Chain, Glass Cannon and Concentration need to have their effect text changed to match their description. They increase Attack, not Damage. Although it'd be nice if they were nerfed to just increase final damage, not attack.
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            I want to see slasher get a DEX buff (1Dex = 0.6 ACC) and see how it does with 6k-6.5k STR endgame. Then go from there if it needs further buffs. Right now endgame slasher has pretty good stats and DPS if they went pure str. It is just unfortunate, most slashers need over 4k for arena which is stupid.


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              Originally posted by Flack View Post
              I want to see slasher get a DEX buff (1Dex = 0.6 ACC) and see how it does with 6k-6.5k STR endgame. Then go from there if it needs further buffs. Right now endgame slasher has pretty good stats and DPS if they went pure str. It is just unfortunate, most slashers need over 4k for arena which is stupid.
              4k dex unfortunately is not enough.

              I posted this in the korean forum week or two back but boosting the accuracy gain from .26 to .34 alone would be awesome. With my slowsher, just over 1.8k accuracy is as far as i can go with current setup. Just in case gamevil gets the wrong idea, more mount isn't the answer. More mount is the reason why we have such a large gap in accuracy vs eva in the first place

              Another thing that needs to be fixed is the hackers. I saw one of them brag about how bear, gary, maki are all easy but they shouldn't be specially with the stats that these players possess.


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                Will there be a Zenonia 7 ?

                Will there be a zenonia 7