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Please report skill issues here

This is a sticky topic.
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    Originally posted by Koei View Post
    Sorry for the double post, but please don't forget that Slasher skills are still bugged! Berserk doesn't stop status ailments (ex. stun and confuse), And both Power Bomber and Black Hole Slash will not deal the damage they show! Also sometimes the hits from both do not register at all (no damage shown and no block/miss shown, nothing happens) This occurs roughly 50% of the time which is REALLY bad!
    I have not forgotten about this. I will remind the devs that there are still issues with slasher skills. Thank you!


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      Hello Squeak,

      When I click on the skill "Holy Ground", it often does not go off while the cool-down of the skill does.
      I am not sure this is a bug, but it is the only skill I am experiencing this with.

      iOS 9.3.2


      • #33
        I don't think fighter's destructive blow deals as much damage as it says it would.


        • #34
          Tested skill just today , and still the problem is there...
          Passive master not working : got rank 1 and the actual increase on my other stats was 1% instead of 3... got 2nd rank and my stats remained exactly the same before and after the skill 'save' tryed to log out and lpgin just in case but it didt work

          Also as noticed above , it happened to me aswell onceor twice , skill holy land being on CD but no damage done on boss or any visual on screen . Only noticed that in raid .

          Thanks in advance , keep up the giod work

          Originally posted by Artemios View Post
          Passive master not working : got rank 1 and the actual increase on my other stats was 1% instead of 3... got 2nd rank and my stats remained exactly the same before and after the skill 'save'
          Unless if the skill is actually working fine and we understand it wrong , and by this i mean the bellow math methods , numbers used just for easier maths :

          A.Pasive master adding on other passives ...
          Extra stamina from passive 10%
          So 1rank at passive master will add 3% resulting at 13% increase of our base stamina

          B. Passive master multiplying on other passives...
          Extra stamina from passive 10%
          And 1rank at passive master will result at 10%*3% which actually means a totall increase of 10.03% in our base stamina.

          Please explain whoch fprmula is used to calculate the increasement on other passives . Also , sorry for the typing errors
          Last edited by Squeak; 08-01-2016, 11:09 AM.


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            Hi, the Assassin's passive skills Stealth is bugged, it works only if the fairy's buff from the enemy doesn't take effect, i mean for example if I have max passive stealth with 45% chance of activation per hit, the enemy can attack me also 10 times if the opponent's fairy is activated on the first hit on my char the passive stealth skill doesn't take effect also for the next 9 hit!
            My english isn't very good, hope you still can understand what i tried to explain, thanks.
            ZENONIA S

            - Ericksen ("Assassin") Lv70 (Leader, In Use)


            • #36
              Spiral Blast is bugged, i've experimented some bugs when i get bugged, sometimes the skill last longer than normal, and sometimes the animation of the blast doesn't trigger and even if i hit thd enemy i don't make any dmg, and the last is a rare bug, when the animation is interrupted it blast me through the walls and i can't do anything, it just keeps moving


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                Originally posted by ph00ny View Post
                Thanks for the boost in skill damage figures but some of those skills are still bugged. Here is the list

                1. Power Bomb - Hits aren't always registered (no miss indication in game). Also shows very small damage number even at max level in Arena/Brawl occasionally on same character
                2. Jumping Attack - Very much a hit or miss affair (no miss indication in game)
                3. Black Hole Slash - Same deal as above. Lots of misses without the miss indicator. Sometimes only the pull effect happens. Sometimes only the def nerf status shows up. (ie. target gets pulled but receives no status change or damage)
                4. Berserk - Invincibility isn't really invincible like it used to be. Knockback, stun, frozen, etc all has an impact while the skill is active

                If any slowshers would like to add more to the list, please post here
                Originally posted by Koei View Post

                1, 2 and 3 are still big problems for slowshers

                skill hit issue is unreal. I can throw a power bomb on a large mob and some will come out with near full health or more than half.
                We can also add sonic blade. I see numbers pop up but the damage doesn't register.

                This is turning into a lost cause but here we go again


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                  Originally posted by ph00ny View Post
                  1, 2 and 3 are still big problems for slowshers

                  skill hit issue is unreal. I can throw a power bomb on a large mob and some will come out with near full health or more than half.
                  We can also add sonic blade. I see numbers pop up but the damage doesn't register.

                  This is turning into a lost cause but here we go again
                  Bumping this up to see if it can get some traction


                  • #39
                    still blaming to low tick server fault
                    ZENONIA S

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                    - Aron (Druid) Lv70 (Sub Character)

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                    * I'm a Counter-Strike player since 2006 and still playing.


                    • #40
                      Plz fix bugs around druid command power skill - it gives life and mana regeneration when its in effect. Also plz explain exactly how the skill boosts your stats - does it buff general stats (STR, DEX, INT, STA) or final stats (ATT, DEF, EVA, ACC, CR, CD). We know its great but we need exact explanation of how it works. Thx in advance
                      Zenonia S (active)

                      IGN: Wishnu

                      Spirit Stones (terminated)

                      IGN: #1WishnU
                      CODE: S7687667


                      • #41
                        Please fix FIGHTER skill "Blood Circulation"

                        Sometime even your HP was below 10-20% still it doesnt trigger to activate.

                        Atleast make it standard like if HP was below 50% blood circulation skill will be activated by AI bots.
                        Last edited by Lazaz; 12-10-2016, 01:04 AM.


                        • #42
                          ASSASSIN BIG PASSIVE STEALTH BUG!!:
                          The stealth get deleted even if only the OPPONENT USES SKILLS!
                          I mean my character enter stealth, the opponent buff himself or use any active skill and my Character became back visible!! even before 4 seconds stealth's duration.

                          EDIT: this BUG happen ONLY if the oppenent is an ASSASSIN too.
                          Last edited by Enrico6; 01-10-2017, 07:35 AM.
                          ZENONIA S

                          - Ericksen ("Assassin") Lv70 (Leader, In Use)


                          • #43
                            It does not appear that when I am on auto that my invincibility kicks in. I have gone 2 full minutes without it activating. Is this a bug or something else?


                            • #44
                              When I'm doing Graid sometimes my mage doesn't use skills e.e
                              Let's Rock! B|


                              • #45
                                Slasher's Powerbomb, Sonic Blade, and Jumping Attack skills will get cancelled mid animation yielding no damage and putting the skill on cooldown.