16. Season

A guild may become the Lord Guild by collectively scoring the most Royal Points and winning the season.

The Lord Guild will be provided guild rewards and an exclusive Lord Guild Sigil.
Better rewards can be claimed after the season depending on your Royal Points.

Season refreshes every 2 weeks.

[Season Ranking]

1. View Lord Guild/Season's Current Top 3 Guilds.
2. View your Guild's progress on the right side of the screen.

[Season Reward]

View current Lord Guild Reward/Real Time Total Auction House Fees
View your Guild's progress on the right side of the screen.

1. Real Time Total Auction House Fees: Some portion of the Auction House Transaction Fee will be converted to Diamonds and be provided to the guild. No rewards are granted during the pre-season.

2. Lord Guild Sigil: A special Sigil and design will be granted to the Lord Guild's members. Does not apply to the pre-season.

[Season Details]

1. Season Period: Season will be held for 2 weeks. Rankings are based on Guild Member's combined Royal Points.

2. Freezing Period: Guild Members are restricted from leaving the guild within Freezing Period. (Create/Join Guild is available)

3. Calculation Period: Lord Guild will be decided along with Individual Royal Points reward.
Calculation Period ends before the next season starts via maintenance.

4. End of Season: After the Calculation Period, New Season will begin.
Royal Points will reset once the new season begins.