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20. Equipment

20. Equipment

Equipment items are composed of weapon/armor/accessory and can be equipped in 9 slots, which are weapon/head/body/hand/foot/ring/bracelet/necklace/earring.

[Equipment Rank]

Equipment items have 7 ranks of D/C/B/A/S/SS/SSS.

There are 12 different types of accessory sets that a character can wear. Each set has its own stats.

As the rank of equipment items increases, the number of options and stats increases.

The slots for Planar Crystal are activated from rank B and above.

As the rank increases, the number of Planar Crystal slots increases.

[Tier Equipment]

Tier equipment has better stats among the same rank of equipment items.

Tier equipment can be acquired by defeating bosses. The probability of acquiring tier equipment increases with your ranking.

The later the chapter raid, the higher tier/rank equipment can be acquired.

You can check the tier of the item with +number on the bottom right of the item UI.

[Available Tier Equipment by Raid Chapter]

Chapter 1: Tier 1 C Rank Equipment
Chapter 2: Tier 2 B Rank Equipment
Chapter 3: Tier 2 A Rank Equipment
Chapter 4: Tier 2 S Rank Equipment
Chapter 5: Tier 3 S Rank Equipment

[Accessory Set Effect]

Equipping accessories of the same name will add bonus set effect stats.

Accessories can have sets of 2/3/4 depending on the number of items of the same name. Bonus set effect stats increases as you wear more of the same accessories of higher rank.

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20-1. Equipment Info

You can check your equipment.

When you select the equipment from [Bag]-[Equipment], the equipped items of the same type is selected together and [Deselect], [View Details], [Switch Equipment] buttons are activated.

You can compare selected item with equipped item by touching [View Details].

Equipped item appears on the left and selected item appears on the right.

Information: You can check Name/Rank/Level/EXP/CP.

Drop Location: You can check drop location of the item.

Stats: You can check stats of the item.

Planar Crystal Slot: You can mount Planar Crystal here. Slots are open depending on the rank of the equipment.

Enhance: You can enhance your equipment by clicking the button. Equipped items can only be enhanced, not sold or dismantled.

Sell: You can sell your equipment by clicking the button. Only the equipment you have in the bag can be sold.

Dismantle: You can dismantle your equipment by clicking the button. Only the equipment you have in the bag can be dismantled.

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20-2. Enhance Equipment

Equipment can be enhanced using Equipment Enhance Stone, which increases equipment stats.

Equipment can be enhanced up to Lv 20 per rank, and equipment upgrade is possible at the highest level.

Select the equipment and touch [View Details] at the bottom.

Touch [Enhance] button to move to the equipment enhancement window.

1. Equipment Info: You can check rank/stats of selected items.

2. Equipment EXP: You can check Level/EXP of your equipment. The equipment is leveled up when EXP is full.

3. Use Enhance Stone: You can select the amount of Enhance Stone by using [-], [+] buttons. You can click [Max] button to use as much materials as possible.

4. Enhance: You can enhance the equipment using Enhance Stone and Gold. Used materials can’t be reversed.

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20-3. Upgrade Equipment

When the level of the equipment reaches Lv 20, you can upgrade the equipment to a higher rank.

The higher the rank of the equipment, the higher CP and stats gets.

Once the equipment reaches the highest level, you can upgrade the equipment by using Upgrade Stones and Gold.

When the equipment is upgraded, the rank increases by 1 step and the level becomes 1.

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20-4. Discard Equipment

You can sell or dismantle items that are not equipped in bulk.

Click [Bulk Scrap] at the bottom right from [Bag]-[Equipment] tab.

1. Scrap Instructions: There are Bulk Dismantle and Bulk Sell. You can acquire Enhance Stone by dismantling, and Gold by selling.

2. Scrap Target: You can select scrap target. Any type of equipment can be selected.

3. Maximum Rank of Scrapped Equipment: You can set the rank of scrapped equipment. All equipment below the setting will be scrapped.

4. Maximum Tier of Scrapped Equipment: You can set the tier of scrapped equipment. All equipment below the setting will be scrapped.

5. Equipment with Planar Crystal: You can whether to include equipment with Planar Crystal.

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20-5. Equipment Tier Up

When the equipment of SS rank or higher reaches Lv 20, you can increase the tier of the equipment by using SS rank, same part, same tier equipment as material.

Tier can be increased up to 7 tier.

You can acquire better stats as tier increases.

After the Tier Up, the equipment’s rank, level, type of stats are retained, but the material equipment is destroyed.

※ Bonus stats of tier equipment compared to normal equipment (%)

Tier 1: 4% Bonus stats
Tier 2: 10% Bonus stats
Tier 3: 18% Bonus stats
Tier 4: 28% Bonus stats
Tier 5: 40% Bonus stats
Tier 6: 54% Bonus stats
Tier 7: 70% Bonus stats

You can tier up your equipment through [Tier Up] icon by clicking on [View Details] in the bag.

After selecting the material on the right side of tier up screen, touch the blank material slot to activate [Add Material] button. Once the material slot is filled, you can proceed to [Tier Up].

Touch the [Tier Up] button to check the bonus stats, used materials and Gold.

You can check the result of tier up here.

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20-6. Planar Crystal

The stats of equipment can also be increased with Planar Crystal.

Planar Crystal has 7 ranks of D/C/B/A/S/SS/SSS, and can be equipped on the equipment of B rank and above.

Enhance: Planar Crystal can be enhanced up to Lv 5 through [Bag]-[Planar Crystal]-[View Details]-[Enhance], using Planar Crystals and Gold.

Upgrade: You can upgrade the Planar Crystal to upper rank when it reaches the highest level.

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