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24. Customized Equipment

24. Customized Equipment

Customized Equipment is an Equipment that can be equipped regardless of your class.

Customized Equipment includes Weapon/Clothes/Adornment. It can be equipped in five slots including Weapon/Head/Face/Body/etc.

You can own up to 99 Weapons/Clothes/Adornment each.

[Customized Equipment Rank]

Customized Equipment consists of 7 Ranks: D/C/B/A/S/SS/SSS.

Each Customized Equipment item has a unique set of stats, and these stats will be added to your current stats.

The higher your Customized Equipment rank, the better stats you will get.

[Customized Equipment Set Effect]

When you equip two or more Customized Equipment that has the same name, Set Effect will be activated and you will receive bonus Combat Power. (Customized Equipment for Face does not count.)

Customized Equipment Set can have 2/3/4 pieces. The more Equipment of the same name you wear, the more types of Set Effects you will receive.

The higher your Customized Equipment Rank is, the better your Set Effect stats will be.

Tap [Set Effects] to view Customized Equipment Sets and Set Effects based on Rank.

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24-1. Customized Equipment Info

Manage Equipped Customized Items and Customized Equipment list.

Show Customized Equipment ON/OFF: Toggle display of Customized Equipment per part to other users.

Customized Equipment Slot: Manage equipped Weapon/Head/Body/Back/Face Customized Equipment.

Preset Slot: Pre-arrange up to 4 equipment slots.

Unrelated to Equipment/Skill Preset.

Combat Power: View total Combat Power that includes stats of Customized Equipment.

View detailed stats of Customized Equipment via (i) icon on the right side of Combat Power.

Bulk Scrap: Sell large amount of items at once.

Enhance: Tap the button to enhance Customized Equipment.

Sell: Tap the button to sell Customized Equipment. Equipped items will not be available for [Sell] and [Dismantle] button.

Upgrade: Max Level Customized Equipment will show [Upgrade] button instead of [Enhance] button. Tap the button to upgrade your Customized Equipment.

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24-1. Customized Equipment ON/OFF

When you equip Customized Equipment, ON/OFF toggle will be activated for each part of the Customized Equipment you wear.

When you turn ON the toggle, all users will see your Customized Equipment.

When you turn OFF the toggle, all users will not see your Customized Equipment.

[View Details]

As with other Equipment, you can use the [View Details] button to view other user’s Customized Equipment.

[View Details] can be entered through Rank/Guild Member/1:1/Friend menu.

If the user has equipped Customized Equipment, the Set Effects will also be shown.

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24-1. Enhancing Customized Equipment

You can enhance your Customized Equipment by using the identical Customized Equipment as your Enhance material. When you Enhance, your Customized Equipment stat will increase.

Customized Equipment can be Enhanced to Lv 5 per Rank, and when you hit max Enhancement level, you can Upgrade it.

Tap on the Customized Equipment you want and select [View Details] on the bottom.

Tap [Enhance] button to go to Enhancement window.

1. Customized Equipment Info: View Rank/Stats of currently selected Customized Equipment that has been selected for Enhancement.

2. Customized Equipment EXP: View current Customized Equipment Level/EXP. Equipment levels up when EXP gauge is full.

3. Insert Material: Tap on the materials you want from the Weapon/Clothes/Adornment tap on the right side to use.

Only identical type of Customized Equipment can be used as Enhance material. You cannot move to other types of Customized Equipment tap.

4. Enhance: Tap on the [Enhance] button after inserting materials to enhance your equipment.
Materials and Gold used in Enhancing cannot be recovered.

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24-1. Customized Equipment Upgrade

At Equipment Level 5, Customized Equipment can be upgraded.

The higher your Customized Equipment rank, the higher your Combat Power and stat values are.

Shiny Magic Skeins are required for Upgrades. They can be purchased from [Shop], [Guild Shop] and [Guild Dungeon].

Max Level Customized Equipment can be Upgraded using Shiny Magic Skeins.

When you Upgrade Customized Equipment, it will be 1 Rank higher than its previous Rank and it will be Lv 1.

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24-1. Customized Equipment Bulk Scrap

You can sell currently unequipped Customized Equipment that you do not use.

Tap on the [Bulk Scrap] button on the lower right on the [Customize]-[Weapon/Clothes/Adorn] tab.

Scrap Instructions: You can only sell in bulk when you are using this button. Sell unused Customized Equipment and receive Gold.

Scrap Target:
Select items you want to scrap from Weapon/Clothes/Adorn.

Select Item Rank: Select items by selecting item rank. All items below the selected item rank will be scrapped.

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