First- i Need someone, who Really will be able to EXPLAIN, Why to Level up or Why it isnt worth it to Level up the Halidom.

The most Public answer would be, Level halidom as soon as possible that high that possible. But Why?

I heard about, the Halidom will give 900k CP and will cost round about 1 Million prism.

Maybe i am wrong, but ... for what?

5k more pve dmg? I am at Chapter 6-4 and have no Problems to kill any monsters. I dont Need much cp, and i always sell the matk essences although they would give me some CP. Actually i have 2200 Cp, spezialized on PvP. So why i should spend 1 million prism to the Halidom?

Maybe i am wrong and someone could explain it, but at this Moment it seems like it makes no Sense for me.

Greetings Hasselblat