Heads up, Talion!

The character growth event is upon us!
The Level Up Achievement Event will begin on 11/2 at 12:00PM (Manila & Singapore time).

We have prepared Growth Scroll II x 3 for our Talions to grow more rapidly!
This is the perfect chance to level UP equipment and heroes!

Better rewards are waiting for the next Level Up Achievement Event so be ready!

Challenge! Level Up Achievement Event I

1. Event Period
: 11/2 12:00 PM - 11/15 23:59PM (Manila & Singapore time)
※ Rewards will be sent within 1 week after event has concluded.

2. Event Details
Level 25:
1500 Ruby
200,000 Gold

Level 30:
2000 Ruby
15 Weapon Upgrade Stone
30 Armor Upgrade Stone
20 Accessory Upgrade Stone

Level 35:
5 Growth Scroll II
20 Ordeal Ticket

Level 40:
150 Weapon Enhance Stone II
200 Armor Enhance Stone II
180 Accessory Enhance Stone II

Level 45:
3 Splendid Relic (Legendary)
500,000 Gold

3. Additional Notes
- Rewards will be given for those who already achieved following level before event starts.
- You mush login at least 1 time to participate the event.
- Rewards will be given to highest level character in each server.
- Rewards will be sent within 1 week after event ends.
: Rewards will be kept in your Mail for 7 days and deleted thereafter.
- Rewards will be given to your In-game Account mail box. If you're unable to see your rewards in your Mail, please try to login again.

Onward to Victory!

CM Bliss