Hello, Talions!

Your Alliance is requesting support!
Support your Alliance by participating in Dungeons and RvR!!!

Get promoted based on total Contribution!
Also check in daily during the event and get Contribution Points and Rubies. More Awards are waiting if you get 200 Contribution Points.

Enjoy more Alliance Perks as you level up!

Event Period
11/30 10:00 AM ~ 12/16 23:59 PM (Manila & Singapore time)

How to collect Contribution Points
Check in once - 10 Points
Play Gob's Vault once - 1 Point
Play Cave of Ordeals Once - 1 Point
Play Golem Research Facility once - 1 Point
Play Occupy once - 10 Points
Play Team Battle once - 5 Points

Reward Details
Attendance : 100 Ruby
50 Contribution Points : Growth Scroll II x 3
70 Contribution Points :
Weapon Enhance Stone II x 150
Armor Enhance Stone II x 150
Accessory Enhance Stone II x150
100 Contribution Points : 1000 Ruby
150 Contribution Points :
Weapon Upgrade Stone x 20
Armor Upgrade Stone x 20
Accessory Upgrade Stone x 20
200 Contribution Points : Devine Relic (Mythical) x 1

Important Notes
- This event can be participated by one per server and able to share Alliance Points for character in one account.
- Contribution Points are exclusive to this event. They are separate from Honor used currently in the game.
- Today's Contribution and Total Contribution are instantly updated on the event page.
- The event may not be applied if you stay logged in before the event starts. Please relaunch the game to load the event correctly.
- You can collect up to 30 Contribution Points a day.
- Be sure to tap [Check In] to check in.
- Event rewards will be sent to your Mail when you tap [Claim]. If rewards cannot be found, please relaunch the game.
- Rewards not claimed by 12/23 cannot be recovered.


To Victory, Talions!