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    Default Akasha Game Tips

    Getting Started:
    - The game will start off with a tutorial as soon as you create a new character. I suggest reading each pop-up as it will help you get to a good start.
    - When creating a character, you have 3 options, Archer, Warrior, or Mage. You have 3 character slots so most people make 1 of each class. For all you twink lovers there is no easy way in game to xfer items from char to char, so making 3 warriors on your acc different levels will be...let's say... unproductive...but its your choice.
    - Make some friends in-game. Akasha is a step up from many games in the fact that you can friend request people and party with them whenever you like. Friends are a faster way to make parties than using the party matching, and they are there if you have questions. Most players will help if they have an answer for you.
    - Learn the auction prices and sell whatever items you no longer need. There's a 10% fee on selling items so make sure you have enough gold to sell your item first.

    Gold Tips:
    Besides the games conversion of purchasable KPoints to Gold, there are sveral ways you can make some gold in-game
    - The most common as with any game is to farm for items in different maps then check and post them on the game's auction. Remember though not everyone makes smart auctions, so placing a magic Akasha for 2mil gold will just be a waste of 200k on your part.
    - You can also run the missions to make gold. Hit the character button then missions and browse all the missions and their rewards. Missions start off low and increase gradually in their payouts. Missions are not solo only, so try and combine them and finish them together.
    - After a while of auctioning, you will start to see common prices on items that sell. Remember that price and search for good deals. This buy-low, sell-higher strategy is also common on many mmorpg games, but it requires a vast amount of patience.
    -Finish off dungeon points. Each time you run a map, you are rewarded dungeon points upon success. Once you max these dungeon points for each zone, you receive a lump sum of gold as a bonus and the dungeon points reset.
    - Im sure everyone has their own ways on how to make gold best in-game, but these will get new players started. Remember also that you can purchase gold with KPoints, which is fine, but don't give up if you can't afford to pay with real money.

    KPoints are the official currency of Akasha and allow players to buy more powerful gear, upgrade scrolls, extra skill points, gold, and other bonuses like expanded akasha slots.
    - As I mentioned, Points are purchasable, but Gamevil also gives you daily bonuses for being logged in. 20 - 25 points for the first 2 hours you play each day on each character. So ideally you can get 75 points in 6 hours per day. Seems like a small amount for a lot of time, but remember they are free. Just save up and you'll be buying from the shop in no time.
    Login Bonuses:
    -Seems like this might be a little confusing so let me reiterate what this means. When you login on a character, there is a Login Bonus button right next to the auction button. Tap it and you will see 4 bonuses with corresponding amounts of login time needed underneath each one. IF THE 4th bonus is 1 hour, there will still be a K Point bonus at 2 hours, you just can't scroll over yet to see it.
    - Each character has desperate Login Bonuses, but the K Points you earn on all characters can be used on any character you want. Hence how you can save up KP faster.

    This is ultimately the greatest way to boost your character and make it stronger.
    - Upgrade gear by selecting the character button, then inventory, then tapping on an item you wish to upgrade. Once tapped, you will see an upgrade button above it appear, select it and you can choose how you wish to upgrade.
    - Upgrade weapons and some uniforms to increase you attack power.
    - Upgrade helmets, armors, boots, gloves and other uniforms to boost you physical and magical defences.
    - Amnity stars collected by running maps can be used to upgrade Akashas and gems. Gems will increase stats when upgraded, whereas Akashas will lower their slot consumption when upgraded. Choose wisely and enjoy making your own combination of gems and Akashas.
    - You can also extract gems from equipment and upgrade them, but the item gets destroyed so make sure its worth extracting first.

    - Extraction allows you to take any option from a piece of equipment and turn it into a gem.
    - Extracting an option will DELETE the equipment and give you a gem if you succeed.
    - Two ways to get higher gems: extract 1st and upgrade using amenity stars in town, or upgrade item 1st using scrolls then extract the option.
    - Click the details button to see what options an equipment has.
    - Keep an eye on auction. Some people sell upgraded items with very high options for dirt cheap. For example a Strength 6 option on a +10 Sword will give you a high level gem. Which in turn sells better than the 500 other swords competing in auction.

    Other Tips:
    - Harder monsters give more experience points.
    - Harder maps give more amnity stars
    - Unsold items are returned via mailbox after 2 days.
    - Higher level villages offer better chances at upgrading akashas and gems, but they also require more amnity stars.
    - Potions can be upgraded with gold, but the higher you upgrade, the more it will cost.
    - Lower bonus options will be low level gems when extracted. Vice versa, a high bonus will give a high level gem.

    I also learn something new everyday, so I make an effort to update anything important here so others can know.
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    Farm stars 1-1 hell

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