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    Default 7/31 Major Update Around the Corner!

    Greetings, great leaders!

    The Kaizin Rumble 1.1.8 Update is just around the corner!
    Please check the below for the details.

    The Evil Era rises again! It's the major update!

    [System Added]
    ■ Class Coalition Effect
    -You can get a "HP Bonus" effect when you meet the requirements of the week's Class Coalition.
    -The effect will increase according to the number of cards that meet the conditions of the Class Coalition.

    ■ Supporter
    -Displays important information you must know about the Supporter System.
    -Displays effects according to the number of the Supporter Cards placed.

    [Contents Added]
    ■ Area 7 Opened
    -The new Area 7 will be released.

    ■ Equipment Missions 13 and 14 added
    -The guerrilla Equipment Mission from which you can obtain Area 7's equipment has been added.

    ■ Max Level Cap Increase
    -Along with the release of Area 7, the max level cap has been increased to level 110.

    -Fixed a bug where the number of Hideout Strike mission entries would not reset when the date is changed in the game. (When you change the date and return to the Hideout, the number of Hideout Strike missions resets.)

    -Added a button to close the banner at the bottom left of the Hideout.

    -Revised so that equipment cards drop when you win an accident battle during the Equipment missions.

    -Added an "Acquired" sorting option for the filter when selecting a base card at the Absorb screen in the Lab.
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