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    Default [8/5 - 8/12] 20% Bonus Gold & Daily Login Event

    Hello Captain,

    Watch out for those rocks!
    Phew, that was close.
    Enjoying your adventure?

    Read this week's events below.

    [Shop Events]

    1. Special Sale: 20% Gold Bonus [8/5 - 8/12]

    Running out of gold too quickly?
    You're in luck.
    Receive 20% MORE GOLD this week when purchasing gold from the premium shop.

    [Special Price]
    100,000 Gold --> 120,000 Gold (Extra 20% This Week)

    [Where Can I Find This]
    Find it in Shop > Premium Shop.

    Don't miss out on this deal!

    2. Purchase 375 rubies and receive a special item, Temple of Zeus.

    WIND + 1225

    [Game Events]

    1. Discover Europe (8/4 – 8/18)

    Cast off and set sail for Europe!
    Take part in this huge individual and community event and leave your mark in history. Sail to the various European port cities to EARN PRIZES AND RUBIES!

    Explore each European city 10 times in order to EARN PRIZES AND RUBIES!

    PRIZES will be distributed to the Ocean Tales community for each city visited 50,000 times.

    2. Reach Level 25 Event

    Ship traveling slowly?
    Reach level 25 by 8/12 and receive a FREE 3rd Rate Angle Sail.

    [What Does This Item Do?]
    The 3rd Rate Angle Sail will allow you to travel faster.

    Be sure not to miss out on this special prize!

    3. Daily Login Bonus

    Log in daily to receive special prizes.
    The clock resets 5PM PDT everyday! (GMT Midnight)

    Day 1: 5,000 Gold
    Day 2: 5 Rubies
    Day 3: 2,000 Gold
    Day 4: 1 Parts Ticket
    Day 5: Dolphin x 1
    Day 6: 3,000 Gold
    Day 7: 2 Parts Tickets

    Play every day and don't miss out!
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