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Thread: MOTD is Dead.

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    Default MOTD is Dead.

    Obviously the devs, managers, or whoever run this game obviously do not care..

    Gameplay lags, crashes, I can add too much to even care.

    Graphics, ehh( tower is missing it's picture.)

    Dragons- broken

    AI- mentally retarded

    Updates-slow, still Christmas themed. (And worse)

    Chat functions unbearable.

    Community- dull

    Me- not playing

    +1 if you think this game needs work.

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    Well, there have been some improvements, they just take some while! ... As for the Christmass themed... well... The entire town, where I live is still Christmass themed!!! I won't be judging the game for that ...

    Will agree that it is community-dull, and that it could use some more care. A weekly maintenance, really wouldn't harm, to try keep things functionable. And probably a couple of events!!! A proper list of dragons (collection)? ... Some insight of the game? A storyline? Something? Anything?!

    About the AI... Are you talking about 'minions' going back and forth between a city's walls to attack buildings? Hehe... I've actually let some open spaces in my walls to just watch my opponents ground troops doing exactly that... going all around my walls to just hit a building, then going back to where they were to hit another, then again all around... and keeps on going ... Hehe. That just looks hilarious, and is sooo annoying at the same time, when it happens to me!... Yeah might need some improvement there!!! Or is it about the 'famous' phienix dragon, that destroys entire cities without moving? ...

    I don't mind the chat function... In fact I'm glad it even exists in the game!!! And about the graphics... I haven't noticed any invisible buildings tbh... Might be in certain devices? I'm ok with the game's graphics!

    Overall... well, yeah, it definitely needs some improvements, but I can't say I don't like it! I would be lying ...
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    The forum is dead... we're always the same 5-10 posting. I suggested to implement guild forums, so people would come to the forums more frequently but noone cared to make the people more active.

    The lack of mods (1, 2?) it's kinda annoying, the game at the start was played by a lot of people and the forums were almost empty of threads.

    The game itself... they implement one improvement and then 5 more bugs appear... since the last patch I cannot get 5 stars yet, got crashes 1/5 games (almost all of the crashes are -100 honor for me). That ****ty bird broken as **** has no counter play, no skill requirement and just make people grind honor and get resources for free (one guy with that bird had like 7k honor, the next day it was 15k... not even normal, right?)

    And yeah... those bugs with walls. Sometimes rifleman just go all around or stand by for several seconds... then paladins who can jump walls just walk the entire map to jump from another place (and they all die in the way back to the dragon/troops).

    Chat's annoying, you can't say some words (don't remember some guildmate's nick whom couldn't be spelled... wtf), crashes and you've to write everything again, or you send a message than it's never shown.

    I'd rather get the the version before than use the bugged replay system (sometimes or doesn't show the rematch or just shows it at 1:30 and buildings start exploding... Didn't see any sheep on my replays yet, I hope it's a visual bug only).

    I've sent tickets for everything: not receiving proper amber from animals or the ads "play X game and receive XXX amber in MOTD", the problem with me not being able to get 3 stars anymore, with pictures of everything, as much of details to help the developers... still only an automatic reply. So I just do the daily quest, and upgrade buildings that take several days... not enjoying the game anymore and playing others with more compromise from the devs :/
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