Greetings from the MOTD team.
We sincerely thank everybody who has shown great interest and devoted much time to "Mark of the Dragon"
It is with heavy hearts that we share the news that MOTD will be shutting down and terminating its service on 06/05/2015.
We always tried to provide the best service, and we wish that there was more that could have been done in the past to have a more favorable outcome. Despite MOTD’ termination, we are thankful and grateful for the love that was shown to our game. It is something we will never forget.
Thank you for your understanding, and thank you for playing MOTD.

*Service Termination Schedule
- Item purchase and new downloads will not be available starting 05/22/2015.
- Game service will be terminated on 06/06/2015.

*Refund Policy
- Unused amber until the service termination date will be refunded.
- Only the purchased amber will be refunded. amber obtained through events and games are not subject for a refund.

*Refund Details
- Refund Request Period: 06/07/2015 – 06/22
- Refund Processing Period: Until 07/04
- Refund instructions: Please provide your CS Code, Wallet E-mail, and Nickname when contacting Customer Support at

For any other questions or concerns, please visit
Thank you again for playing MOTD.