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    Post [Notice] v1.0.8 Update & Maintenance Notice (Updated) (Complete)

    Hello ZENONIANS!

    Server maintenance on Monday 8/24 3 PM ~ 6 PM PDT is now complete.
    Thank you for your patience.

    When : 8/24 15:00 ~ 8/24 19:00 PDT
    Duration : 4 Hour
    Details :

    1. Server optimization
    2. v1.0.8 Update


    We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

    Detailed info on the upcoming v1.0.8 update below :

    * v1.0.8 Update

    1) Equipment System
    - Level limit on equipments will disappear and a Tier system will be implemented.
    - Evolve Stones will be called Crystals. Crystals will be used to move up the tier.
    - A system that converts Crystals to evolve points will be added.
    - Moving up the item grade (i.e. S -> SS) will require different material. Same grade/tier equipment will be used.
    - Depending on the type of weapon/armor/accessory, the same type of material may be required. You may also use Upgrade Stones to increate the item grade.

    e.g.) D Grade 0 Tier equipment cannot be upgraded. You may only tier up this item.
    You may upgrade D Grade 2 Tier equipment. (Tier Up not available)
    You may tier up B Grade 1 Tier equipment to 6 Tier.
    You may only upgrade C Grade 8 Tier equipment to S Grade. (Tier Up not available)

    - "Recycle" system to lower down the item grade/tier will be added.
    - You may lower the item grade/tier though Recycle ststem. Any expense to increase the grade/tier won't be reimbursed..

    - After the new equipment tier system, itesm dropped will have a new stat table.
    - Exisiting equipment will have a new stat table upon Tier Up or Upgrade process.
    - SS-grade equipment at 12 Tier doesn't have a new stat table. So a SS-draw ticket at 12 Tier will be given based on the number and part of SS-grade equipment after update maintenance.
    (Existing equipment remain intact.)

    2) Set Equipment
    - All equipment dropped will have 1 of 5 Set related prefixes. (Each Set effect will be explained in the future.)
    - Weapons/armors will have prefixes based on the grade. The names will be determineed by the associated Set and grade.
    - Exisiting equipments' names and appearances may change, but thier stats/Set Effects remain intact.

    <Set Equipment Upgrade>
    - When upgrading with equipment, you'll find that 1 out of 5 Sets will be determined. (Transcendentalist Set will be selected at a low rate only upon S/SS Upgrade.)
    - When upgrading with Upgrade Stones, you'll find the same Set will remain. For B/S/SS Upgrade, Set Effects will be better. Equipment names will also change.
    * However, if you have acquired equipment prior to update, when you upgrade that equipment with Upgrade Stone, it will be under Destroyer Set.
    <Set Equipment Recycle>
    - When downgrading equipment through Recycle process, it will be lowered to the same Set. When Recycling to C/A/S grade, Set stats will decrease. Equipment names will also change.
    * However, if you have acquired equipment prior to update, when you downgrade that equipment, it will be under Destroyer Set.

    3) Seal
    - Seal stats will increase and make you powerful!
    - Due to new equipment system, material to level up the Runes will change.

    4) Fairy Tower
    - Fairy Tower feature will be added where you can acquire material to enhance your Fairy.
    - Fairy Tower can be entered starting Lv. 10.
    - Soul Stones can now be acquired in Fairy Tower. (Previously available in Monster Wave)
    - Select a friend to play together. Friend Selection feature in regular stage mode will be removed.

    5) Monster Wave
    - Monster Wave reward will be Upgrade Stones.
    - Equipment won't be rewarded.
    - Miminum character level to enter Monster Wave will be increased to Lv. 15 from Lv. 10.
    - Based on the day of the week, Weapon, Armor, and accessory stone can be acquired when cleared. More ZEN will be used for additional attempts.

    6) Mission & Achievements
    - Due to new equipment system, few details on VIP Gift, Daily Mission, Weekly Mission, and Achievements (& achievement conditions) will change.

    7) Arena
    - Arena's weekly 300 Points Reward will be changed from S-grade Accessory Coupon X1 to A-grade Accessory Coupon X2.

    8) Daily Login Event Rewards
    - Due to new equipment system, Daily Login Event (28 days) rewards will change.
    - Everyone's login record will be reset right after update maintenance.
    - Based on number of logins within 30 days starting the v1.0.8 update maintenance, 20 ZEN per day will be calculated and sent to the Mailbox in the future.
    e.g.) If logged in for 15 days within 30 days after the v1.0.8 update maintenance, 15*20 = 300 ZEN will be sent to Mailbox.

    9) Invite HIVE Friend Rewards
    - Due to new equipment system, HIVE Friend Invite rewards will change.
    - Friend Invite numbers will reset after update maintenance. After maintenance, you can start fresh and get rewards!

    10) New Event Mission Added
    - New details on Event Missions!
    - You'll receive ZEN, Upgrade Stones, Evolve Stones, Skip Tickets, and etc, based on the number of stages cleared.

    11) Equipment Lock Feature Added
    - A lock feature to protect valuable equipment will be added.
    - Locked equipment cannot be sold, used for enhance or be upgraded.

    ** Please note:
    1) Event Missions will be reset on 8/24 at 2PM PDT. Make sure to claim the rewards before then!
    2) HIVE Friend Invite record will be reset on 8/24 at 2PM PDT.
    3) After maintenance, some of equipment/appearance may differen due to new item grade system. Stats/Set Effect remain intact.
    4) Few update details are subject to change.

    Thank you.

    -Zenonia S Team-
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    This is one terrible patch. The few bones you're throwing at us are not going to make up for it.

    1. Why, why would you do this? The old system was fine. Lots of other games have proven that.
    Tier system means a lv 1 can be on par with a lv 60. I'm assuming you can buy crystals with zen (it wouldnt be Zenonia S if it wasn't) a lv 1 who pays a lot can be on par with a lv 60 and therefore be nr 1 in the arena. And don't get started on skills cause in the end all it really takes is a good fairy and gear. And lets not forget the impact this change has on clearing the story. It is already hard enough as it is right now, taking away equipment buffs will make it almost impossible. Unless you're planning on greatly increasing current buffs which you are probably not

    What's next, limited edition extra powerful gear for just 1000 zen? I have experience with tier system games. Unless they're racing games, it won't end well. So guess I'll buy my 4 remaining char slots. And show us that table for pre Zenonia 2.0 (as it can be called now) gear please.

    Only proves how much of a cash-grab this game is.

    Edit: Someone please tell me the advantage of downgrading you're gear.

    2. This is just about the names right?
    Someone please tell me if there's anything gamebreaking in this paragraph as well.

    3.1 Well ok great. How much? Please increase it a lot if you're going to make this game A LOT harder, which I'll cover late
    3.2 So what will be used to upgrade?

    4.1 Cool new feature, makes enhancing a lot easier. Can we please play with realtime friends as well (like raids).
    4.2 Ok, remove fairy tower and keep regular invites. The story is already hard enough to finish (arent we already spending enough zen on revives?) , no need to make it even more difficult.

    5. No opinion.

    6. Can we get some details about this?

    7. Nice, bit sad because the day the patch goes live I was supposed to get my S accessory.

    8. Once again no opinion.

    9. I've finished every mission, it's great to have something new.

    Note 5: this contradicts what you've said in paragraph 5. Please clarify this.

    So with such drastic changes, any news about global launch?
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    please answer above post.
    it all makes sense.
    why do you have to change the equipments system?
    its was fine the way it is.
    the only goodnews here is the fairy tower and the mission will be reset (not extended for another month).

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    I'm really disappointed in this update. Instead of building the things the game needs (realtime pvp, guilds, bosses, etc) you guys decided to rebuild a system that's worse than the old one. SoundFex tells exactly why. This could break the game :/

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    This update is one of the worst update ever lucky just I have already all ss

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    I´m agree with Soundfex. Specially this game needs a real coop for History mode and pvp. Why is Gamevil making the same wrong in all Zenonia games?????

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    classic gamevil behavior, ruining a very promising product...............

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    So before I continue bashing this patch, let me ask you one thing first.

    What the hell we're you smokin while designing this patch?
    That must be some really good **** if it can get you this high.

    So let's start with stages, specifically the gear obtained from them. I now get T0-5 (if I'm lucky) from sweeping god **** Ice Queen in Hero Mode. And of that's not bad enough let's look at how much XP it gives my T9 A.D gun.

    So it'll take me around 17 days to get 1 piece of equipment 1 tier up. Now let's not forget that I have 2 more tiers and 8 more pieces (counting accessories) to go. If that's not pathetic enough look at this

    And with the increasing costs for enhancing grades, I can predict upgrading low grade T12 gear won't go any faster.

    Now of course there's also fast enhance (which is what Gamevil wants me to do). But that will apparently cost me 1402 zen (30€) to get 1 piece to +1. Not T10, T9 +1.

    So I suggest the devs do one (or more) of the following things:

    - Give higher gear in stages, at least up to T10 and a minimum of T8 in Hero Mode chapter 9.

    - Release Legend Mode and do the above

    - Increase the amount of XP given. I'd say something like 150% more but this is open for discussion.

    I recommend players to not upgrade their gear over T10/SS. It's simply too time consuming and/or expensive.

    One last thing and arguably the most dangerous thing about this patch. With this system the devs are now free to add as much power creep as they want without being restricted by levelcap. To give an example, they can release T20 with doubled stats which can only be upgraded to if you pay 5000 zen per piece of equipment. Same thing can be done with grades (which is nothing more thab a tier system under a different name).
    But the moment they start adding new tiers, it's a sign that they are only out for your money and will not hesitate to ruin the game just to squeeze those last few bucks out of you. So quit when that happens

    Moving on to set pieces. What's the point of raiding if we can now get set equipment from stages? Is it a higher tier?

    Nr. 3: Well it has been increased, but it's meagre and will definitely not make up for the removal of friend invites. Fun thing, my hp actually went down.

    We're getting to the first change worth complimenting, the fairy tower. It's quite fun and challenging (at least floor 5 and 6) and it looks like a decent amount of work was put into this. At least more brain capacity was used here than there was for the tier system.

    Skipping nr. 5 as there is much to say about it.

    An overview of changes

    - Increased clear stage requirement from 10 to 15 and changed the reward from B to C.
    - aquire equipment from 5 to 20, not sure if they changed the reward
    - win arena is now 5 instead of 3
    - raid participating is now 5 insteat of 1
    - defeat master is 3 instead of 1

    - completing daily questd is now reduced from 30 to 25
    - clear stage is now 100 compared to 30 (I think)

    -everything is clear stage now.

    So overall the requirements went up.

    Login rewards. Now wait a second. Before you said zen will be rewarded for logging in PRIOR to the update. Please put EDIT: before any changes you make to the patch notes before I get the idea you're scamming us.

    As for the lock. Great addition so good job on that.

    And lastly, no bug fixes?
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    Even raid set equipment seems impossible to get now. Spent almost 300+ keys in raid (it stocked up) and all I get is either D/C class premium gems and premium evolve stones. This was really a fun game at the start but now it became one of those money hungry types of games. Spending real money on a fun game is not an unfair deal, but spending real money on a game that is not really player friendly is just stupid.

    Moderators won't even reply to questions and customer service is really bad. I enjoyed playing Gamevil developed games since ways before, but now I think all the respect I built for Gamevil was just a waste.

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    Sound reported all The issues se are having with this patch. At least you should balance the game. And don't say it's balanced. Maybe was before, but now you all increased:
    1.Difficult to clear stages. Okay, who had better gears and higher charts could get better low PGs. And so? I should say thanks if My char lvl20 can clear story mode easier thanks to My main having good stuffs? And also it applies when low characters have same classes or your mains. Still remains i have lots of trouble in plus with My main to clear stages. And i have no bonus for this and no interest in redo My mage, for example.
    2. Difficult to get items equal to your level. Well, good if i can upgrade My gears with lower items, but it doesn't. Instead you increased The difficult of upgrading gears by tiering up + upgrading them. And it seems you made up by letting me drop same gears in My chars lvl15 when My main is 54? Well. For you could be equal that all can drop same items ad well. But what is this leveling up for? So i could give up on levelling My PG cause it's useless. Better give up with The experience system when it doesn't count for US to streghten our chars. We can just upgrade pur gears, no? Choose.
    3. Oh. Daily rewards.. Oh Cool..Wait..where are My items? Good you make things worser and you still insist in leaving US without free items? You put golds..useless..we can get them by grindings..but we cannot get an s weapon anymore..and with this new system..well..we just lost it.
    4. Yeah i was pointing on putting zen just to take that s accessory. Now you can chance The S fairy from The first place to well 3 A fairies! And we will have no more points in do arena. Better do something else. Maybe grindings? Of course anything would be better.
    5. Fairy tower pretty good. Fairy dust too. Locking system too.
    Well, balancing a game it's difficult but just worsening The game without having any rewards just make your clients give up on game. And 300zen every 15 days isn't satisfying at all if you need 1400 zen to plus 1 any gears or just months of farming.
    We often met in game and Sound did some math..only 700 days of sweeping and we can have 1 full class at SS Tier12. Good. Just say quit the game or play forever.We all will pref to quit and you will just cease this game. I've played all the saga. Just for saying this is the worst game you are keeping? Use your brain. There are players degreed in Economy here. I even studied it at University. And this game will end in just few months following this ominous path. Maybe Gamevil has some brainwashed economists who believe in some bad marketing schemes and follow up brainless schedule game money hungry who falls in 2 months without players. If you don't think while acting you will definitively be like Metin2 who has only few fellows player without nothing to do and only spending money by making events when your community is dead by far.
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