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    Arrow ILLUSIA Network Backup

    Hello fans, did you know?

    ILLUSIA for iOS (ipod touch, iPhone) has a Network Backup feature.

    Please use this to back up your save data to Gamevil servers before resetting your phone or other such operations.
    Backup Data and Restore Data both access the server, just as in-app purchases do, so you must be online.

    -Make sure you are online (3g or wifi)

    The first menu screen (Title Menu) has 5 choices:
    New Game, Continue, Help, **Options**, Leaderboard

    - Choose Options
    - A new window opens showing sound options etc
    - at the bottom is "Manage Game Data", select it
    - You will see 2 options "Back up Data" and "Restore Data"

    "Backup Data" will MOVE your device's save data to our servers
    (will erase it from your device and put it on our server)

    "Restore Data" will Overwrite your current device's data with latest data from the server.
    (this will only work if you've previously done a "backup data")

    Notice that in both cases, the save data only moves in one direction.
    Of course, any abuse or uploading "manipulated" save data uploaded
    can be banned or corrupted by the system and we make no guarantee about that,
    so please only upload "clean" data.

    We hope this process will help in your games.
    Please reply below with any questions about Network Backup,
    and we will try to answer, thank you.


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    Great Game! Thank you!

    Any plans for Android Backup support? Maybe export to SD?

    I'd be upset to lose my save game.

    Love Gamevil!

    Thanks again!

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    I used Titanium backup to export the DB and transfer the save to my new phone so that I can continue playing, but when loading save game, error prompts that save game was corrupted, must create a new character.

    I'm 32+ hours in, 2/3 done on hard. I would like to finish it! This is a great game and I have already recommended it to all my friends.

    Is there anyway around this? Please update the Android Version to support network save or better, save file to SD.

    Thank you.

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