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    Default [Guide] After Pulse Complete Guide

    Greetings Soldiers,

    Welcome to our official After Pulse Guide!

    Official Afterpulse Tutorial Video

    Below you will find everything you need know about After Pulse.

    Table of Contents
    - Daily Calendar
    - Item Rewards
    - Inventory
    - Character Customization
    - The Shop
    - Crates
    - Types of Currency
    - Types of Weapons
    - Weapon Stats
    - Weapon Fusion
    - Gun Experience,Durability, Repair
    - Equipment Ranking

    - Selling Equipment
    - Passive Effects
    - Gadets
    - Battle 38-39
    - Missions, Trophies, and Rankings
    - Settings and Controls

    Daily Calendar
    - For each day that you log in, you will recieve a reward! Even if you miss a day, it will not affect the reward that you receive: Meaning that you continue from where you last left off in the calendar.

    Item Purchases
    When entering the game, you will most likely encounter the daily deals. They are not a mandatory purchase and you may choose to close the screen.

    Here, you can customize your character, equip a variety of guns and armor, and fuse, combine, and enhance your guns.

    You can also sell any unwanted armor in this menu as well.

    Character Customization
    If you go into the inventory page, you will see five slots to the left. These are your gear equipment slots. The two slots to the right are your gun slots; it will show which guns you currently have equipped.

    From here, you can choose a variety of different looks, from civilian wear to military grade armor.
    These items can either be purchased specifically from the shop or obtained randomly from the crates.

    Different heads, however, cannot be obtained through any means.

    The Shop
    The shop is where you will find daily deals, crates, weapons, gears, and gadgets to purchase. Each tab will lead you to a different menu when tapped.

    Weapon crates are available for purchase in the shop or are randomly dropped as a reward in battle. As you can see, there are different types of crates, one for weapons and one for gear.

    Lower grade crates can be purchased with soft currency (money that can be obtained regularly in-game. Higher grade crates, however, must be obtained with hard currency, gold, which are also obtainable in-game but can also be converted as real cash.

    Types of Currency
    This is soft currency, money that can be obtained regularly through gameplay. It is also obtainable as a reward for completing missions in the Missions Menu.

    This is hard currency (gold) that is most easily obtained through real purchases. However, they can also be obtained by completing missions from the Missions Menu.

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    Types of Weapons
    Weapons are classified into different categories and play styles differ according to each gun you equip.

    Depending on the type of player you are, you may show off your skills and strengths in a variety of different ways.
    These guns can either be purchased directly from the store or obtained randomly from weapon crates.
    Weapons are classified as:

    Assault Weapon

    For general use and automatic midrange. This class is a good all-around weapon for any situation you may encounter.


    Automatic, short range weapon that is designed to provide high rate gunfire. Ideal for quick skirmishes in small spaces.

    Allows very precise shots away goals thanks to its very scope. The perfect weapon for those who prefer to keep their distance.


    Small and very light, handguns are designed for combat at close range. Great for finishing off your enemies.
    Unlike other guns, however, hand guns are always used as a secondary weapon. You may switch between your main gun and your handgun in the middle of battle with a swipe.

    There are other types of weapons as well like light machine guns, shotguns, and launchers, so go out there and try them all out to see which ones are good for you to use.

    Weapon Stats
    Each gun has its own set of stats. This three star KPM-5 may not have much accuracy but its rate of fire is high to make up for that weakness.

    Each stat affects the way you react in battle, so be sure to check them out before equipping them. If you’re not sure if the stats are good, you can also test them out in the Training fields.

    Gun Fusion
    If you’re not satisfied with your current gun, you can click on the small exclamation point on the bottom right corner of the gun slot. This will take you to a screen with two buttons on the bottom: “Fusion” and “Repair”
    If you click the “Fusion” button, you will see something that looks like this.

    Weapon Power Up
    In this screen, you can gain experience for your weapons by using other weapons as power up materials. This is a good way to level up your guns if you’re not up to grinding in battle.

    If you wish to remove the gun from being used as material, you can click the gun and it will be removed.

    Weapon Evolve
    In order to Evolve your weapons for a weapon of a higher grade, it must have reached its max level and you must use the same number of guns as the number of stars you are trying to evolve. You also must use one identical weapon, but it doesn’t have to be leveled.

    Weapon Combine
    Like evolving, in order to Combine your weapons for a weapon of a higher grade, it must have reached its max level and you must use the same number of guns as the number of stars you are trying to evolve.
    Gun to combine.

    Gun Experience and Durability
    Guns gain experience and lose durability after each battle. Gaining experience allows a gun to level up, making them stronger. However, if a gun’s durability reaches zero, they may not be used in battle again until it is repaired. Fortunately, if you’re only looking for experience, gun durability is not affected in the Training Mode and you can grind there to level up your guns.

    Gun Repair
    To repair your guns, click the repair button found at the bottom of each gun. Depending on the star level of the gun, the price of repairing the gun varies.

    Equipment Rankings
    Equipment are ranked by stars with one star being the lowest and seven stars being the highest. You may obtain equipment ranked one to six stars from the weapon crates.

    However, you must combine your guns in order to reach the ultimate status of seven stars.
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    Selling Equipment
    Unfortunately, you cannot sell your guns. You can, however, sell your armor. By going to the equip page, you can click the small exclamation point at the bottom of the item slot and click the sell button.

    Passive Effects
    Some weapons and equipment have passive abilities that can either give you a boost or slow you down. For armor, you will usually find an additional stats boost in the equip page. For weapons, it all depends on the stats. For example, some may have a portability issue. As in, the lower the portability, the slower you will run. So be careful in choosing your weapons and armor.

    (Mobility icon): Lightness of the piece.
    (Armor icon) How protective the piece is.

    Gadgets are consumable items that can be used separately from your guns and are purchasable from the shop. Grenades can be quite handy in tight situations so stock up wisely.

    In battle, if you click on the grenade button, it will be thrown automatically in the direction that you are facing. So look carefully at the enemy before you.

    Battle Stages
    There are a variety of different stages in the game. Though you may choose your stage in the Training Mode, it is random in Team Deathmatch and Deathmatch.

    Battle Modes
    There are three main modes of battle you can partake in: Training, Team Deathmatch, and Deathmatch.

    In the top right corner of the home screen, you will see a button that looks a lot like a checklist. If you click it, you will be shown the Missions Menu.
    Here, you can clear missions to receive rewards by fulfilling the requirements.
    Unlike the other missions tabs, daily missions are refreshed every day, so complete them before the day runs out.

    Trophies are earned by fulfilling the tasks listed. The points that you earn are Game Center points.

    Rankings in Real-Time
    If you’re feeling competitive enough, try aiming for the top by racking up the kill count in all of the different modes.

    Settings Menu
    If you’re not satisfied with the default settings of the game, or the controls are a little hard to manage, you can go into the Settings menu at the top right corner of the home screen and adjust the sound, languages, and controls.

    There are three different control styles you can utilize in the game.

    Control Customization
    If you’re not satisfied with the three pre-set control settings, there is also the option of customization. With this option, you may move and place any of the buttons as you wish. This option can be accessed in the middle of battle by pressing the pause button and clicking “controls.”

    After clicking “Customize” on the bottom, you will be shown the screen to the right. Here, you can move the white highlighted buttons wherever you wish and save the placements by clicking the check mark in the middle.

    Fusion: The button that opens up the menu to enhance, fuse, and combine guns.
    Portability: The stat that determines how well you run with the gun equipped. The higher the portability, the faster you run.
    Mobility: Separate from a gun’s portability stat, this stat regards the character’s speed with the armor equipped. The higher the mobility, the faster you run.
    Durability: How often the gun can be used before it needs to be repaired. If the durability reaches zero, it cannot be used.

    Have Fun

    Figuring out the controls may be difficult at first but keep on fighting until you’ve got the hang of it.

    - FoxHide -
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    What's KDA? Sonmany things not explained from multiplayer

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