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    Quote Originally Posted by Doddybear View Post
    Hi all.

    About quest "119: Equip Walpurga or Baphomet type pet".
    Is this random??
    I do have Baphomet, but I do not have Walpurga.
    And guess what pet my quest need

    You're BB, right?
    Best Pet for BB is Wally (as far as I know at least), so I guess the quest is asking for your best build/equips, wich is Wally. ^^
    Main - [Asura] Berserker - Jabbawoockeez 4.7m CP
    [Meow] Cat Acrobat - Joyscratch 2.8m CP
    [Evil] Shadow Mage - JoetheflowMage 2.5m CP
    [Annihilate] Demon Blade - JasonPierce 1.3m CP
    [Crimson] Blood Demon - JulesLaRue 1.1m CP
    Eclaire - Jaqqo 1.1m CP
    Noblia - ZöeCastillo 900k CP
    Pets - Lilith +16, Archangel +13, Baphomet +25, Alice +25, Wally +22, Maureen +15,
    VIP lv 5 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Master lv 22xx

    Feel, don't think! Use your imagination!

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    eth + and what is the + im to stupid. i have gems attached to them all.

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    Wolf Guardian needs baphomet for quest 119
    Super Awakened
    Demon Blade 4,4mil CP
    Blood Demon 3mil CP
    Cat Acrobat 3mil CP
    Berserker 2,8mil CP
    Shadow Mage 2,7mil CP
    Burst Breaker 2,6mil CP
    Icy Warlock 2,6mil CP
    Dark Valkyrie 2,6mil CP
    Eclair 2,5mil CP
    Crimson Assassin 2,5mil CP
    Noblia 2,3mil CP
    Wolf Guardian 2,1mil CP

    Sage +15
    Lilith +15
    Alice +25

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    I dont understand

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    Quote Originally Posted by w1s2t3 View Post
    I dont understand
    Read again, carefully
    Demon Blade
    Master Level: 4000+
    Pet: Great Sage / Phoenix / Lilith / Louie / Meowy / Carbuncle / Archangel /

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    Default mao quests

    im at 111. i dont play those quests that much. maybe i should.
    Master Level =1576
    Main: Demon Blade = HASHIMOTO REX, cp ~ 1.9 million, Awakened
    Sub: Burst Breaker = BROCKER VORIV, cp ~ 1.0 million, Awakened
    Sub: Eclair = ZENITHA DAMSEL, cp ~ 545 k, Awakened
    Sub: Ice Warlock =ZEDEX DANTE, cp~ 3.1 million, Super Awakened

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