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    Default [Player Guide] How To Eva Ranger by SoundFeX

    How To Eva Ranger

    About this build
    For new players I'm also mentioning which seals, avatars etc. to upgrade first. Of course as you progress you will upgrade the rest.

    With this build you will have exceptionally high eva, high accuracy, moderate-high attack and high crit rate. Defense, hp, mp and crit damage will be quite low (if you leave advent out).

    Strong: Arena, brawl
    Weak: Season 2 (raids), guild raids

    The build itself is weak in those game modes. Increasing your advent will help you survive longer in those areas.

    Item stats
    Eva>skill cooldown>dex>acc/crate/cdmg

    Get evasion, dex and skill cooldown everywhere you can, the rest can be either of the above three depending on what you want to focus.

    If there are a lot of (high) evasion players, prioritize accuracy. If you really need a lot, you can switch out dex on your helmet for accuracy, but this will cut in your evasion, attack etc. Dex also gives a fair amount of accuracy, so I roll with dex.

    If not, get extra crit rate and crit damage as you can often get these without sacrificing eva/dex (except for the ring). Take crit damage over crit rate as you also get 0.1 crit rate per dex.

    Note: Do NOT get reflect as this can trigger the enemy's wind walker.

    Gem slots
    Weapons/armor: 3-4 green slots
    Accessories: 2-4 green slots

    SSS evasion
    SSS accuracy
    SSS attack

    If you're lazy you can do with SS evasion and accuracy, though you obviously won't be as strong as with SSS. However, attack gems should always be SSS.

    Accessory set
    Duelist, destroyer is also possible if you want more atk, but once again you'll be sacrificing evasion and accuracy.

    Any type of fairy will do, although generally attack fairies are of more use.

    For passives get 1-3 evasion, the others should be attack as that is one of your strongest stats.
    For buff the best ones are eva/acc/atk, but really any buff is fine.

    Tip: first use a fairy with 2 or more desired passives (passives, not buff), and keep evolving new ones till you get one which is closer to your ideal fairy. Rinse and repeat.

    Not much to say here, just get dex on everything.

    Owl totem, for the decrease in def in PvP. If you want to be a little more effective in guild raids, consider getting a mushroom or sunflower.

    The dex avatars are the most important, so make sure to buy and upgrade those first before buying anything else. After that you can buy whichever you like.

    Evasion of course is the first one you'll want to upgrade. After that crit damage and after that crit rate, accuracy, atk and hp. You can get all of them to +5 with just spare gear from high season 1 stages.

    Tip: Only sell runes of the stages you frequently grind. I did not and now I have to sweep lower stages for runes every time.

    - Attack increase
    - Dex increase
    - Passive master
    - Eagle eye
    - Wind walker
    - Concentration (5-7)
    - Skill of choice

    I tend to use spinning fullisade as my skill of choice because it has a nice stunrate and it's circular damage makes it great for monster wave and brawl. But most people run bullet rain instead, which is also way better in guild raids.

    For PvP 5-7 points in concentration is plenty. For guild raids and grinding stages I recommend maxing it out.

    A good combination for running season 2, provided that you don't die in 4 hits, is max hp regen or whatever it's called and concentration, with less points in eagle eye. With 52% skill cooldown you can keep them up almost all the time.

    Eagle eye also helps staying alive in Thanatos raid a little longer if you have low def because you will have more time to dodge his attacks. Ancient tree can hit you at max range though so watch out for that.

    Doesn't have to be high, but more = better. +5 on weapon/armor/cape at least is a good minimum to succeed. Of course higher advent will give you an easier time in everything so it's definitely worth maxing that out.
    But in that case may want to run a atk/def build for season 2 before going with this build. Fortunately def gems use green slots so you won't have to grind your entire set again.

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    Great work

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    I personally wanted to thank SoundFeX on the amazing work!
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    Thanks for posting my submission
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