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    Muh this thread is different than I thought.

    Any of you looked at the point distribution? You can miss a total of 10 points per week (so the purchase goods, cleanse land of despair) or 2 of the 5's ( Hall of Trial, Normal Collector, Monster Hunter, Boss Hunter, Fragment Collector) or you won't hit the 100 at all.

    Conquest 80x is pretty standard. The Heroic Collector just means log in daily but then you've 2 kickers.

    Fiery Challenger: Enter Arena x50 (in 7 days) - if you use all 7 days it means you get to 35. you could probably cheese this and use 20 crystal daily (and 1 30) to finish that one.

    But then you've the absolute mandatory one, because missing this one means you can't finish. Grind your ass up the abyss ladder to 50 2x. < I've personally not touched Abyss at ALL for ages, the rewards, to me, are just not worth it (especially the reach X points being Emery and a handful of gold)


    I didn't even notice the reset considering the patch was finished 2 hours before 6 AM Tuesday, I just thought it forgot what I had done in Land of Despair...
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    Sorry for the late update. The devs are still looking into why this have occurred but we believe that this was due to a system glitch since the maintenance was held on Monday, which is also the Weekly Mission reset time. We are still looking for more details regarding this issue and we will make sure that it doesn't happen again. The correct reset time should be Monday 05:00 reset time, as mentioned in the patch note.

    Thank you.


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