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    Welcome to SquarePig's profile page! My signature was always short on space, so this thread contains the stuff that I probably would have liked to put in my signature at some point. Here you'll find a list of special posts I've made, notable threads I've made, my favorite threads by other members, my favorite forum quotes, and more! Hope you enjoy, and thank you for visiting my profile page!

    Special Posts

    Quote Originally Posted by SquarePig View Post
    Here is my 500th post
    For which I had planned ahead.
    But since I don't like telling stories
    I've written a poem instead.
    My first block post and poem posted on the forums.
    I have made at least one post each day for a year starting from this post.

    800th Post

    Originally an English assignment, showing that
    The world would be a better place
    If all our pigs were square.

    1500th Post

    Click the link above to see my hand-drawn square pigs (with a poem, of course).
    Not sure why I didn't make a 1000th post, but I think my 800th post made up for that.

    2000th Post

    A post dedicated to the members of the forums.
    It was partially inspired by Peep's 2000th post, in that it was also a "thank you"-type post.

    2500th Post

    The beginning of a story (with, of course, a poem included).
    I haven't written another part yet, but I hope to continue it soon.

    3000th Post

    My winning entry for my second GAMEVILIAN of the Week award.
    I kind of went too far just to make sure that I would win.

    3800th Post

    3000 posts after my first poem about square pigs, I decided it was time for a sequel.

    4500th Post

    Random Forum Statistics, Part 2.

    5000th Post

    Inspired by my 500th post, which was the first special post I made.

    A Kingdom of My Own

    My Kingdom Royale story that won the August/September Story Competition.
    Thanks to Rubellite for hosting the story competitions.

    Threads I Made

    I'm so bored... (a poem)

    Waiting for Z5 was very exciting... not.

    I'm not bored (a poem)

    Another poem written after Z5 was announced; too bad writing the poem was more fun than playing the game.

    A Happy New Year's Rhyme

    A poem written at the conclusion of my first year at the Gamevil Forums.

    Guide to Moderation

    A thread explaining the often-difficult, often-misunderstood role of moderators.

    Guide to Importing/Exporting

    So hopefully players won't keep trying to use it to transfer data between devices.

    Kingdom Royale General Guide

    My first guide for Kingdom Royale, which is outdated for... about half a year.

    Kingdom Royale Damage Formula

    Because I have a calculator on my desk whenever I play this game.

    Kingdom Royale Video Guides

    Videos demonstrating the KR guides on my blog.

    Kingdom Royale: The Underworld Report

    The ultimate guide to non-boss Underworld quests.

    Kingdom Royale Comprehensive Items Guide

    Complete list and explanation of the items in Kingdom Royale.

    Archive: SPig's Blog

    An archive of all the Kingdom Royale guides I posted on my blog before Gamevil removed all blogs.

    Zenonia 5 Wizard Guide

    One of my main contributions, and also the most-viewed thread on the Z5 forums.

    Zenonia 5 Item Database

    Searching for Combine Scrolls and sets was the main reason I didn't stop playing Z5 after one month.

    Zenonia 5 General Guide + FAQ

    My third Z5 guide, which I wish more people would read before asking why the Pink Key didn't drop from monsters.

    Zenonia 2: SquarePig Guild

    My Zenonia 2 guild! A memento from the greatest Gamevil game of all time.

    Favorite Threads (by other members)

    Every "Insert random number ending in zero" amount of posts achievement thing thread by Peepman99

    It's 95% spam, but the other 5% is really worth reading. All my "special posts" were made in that thread.

    Poem Competition - Winner: HiddenFromYou
    Poem Competition Month I - Winner: zen shadow hunter
    Poem Competition Month II

    This series of contests organized by HiddenFromYou isn't going on anymore, but it was fun reading through the posts.

    Story Competitions (blog link broken)

    The story competitions organized by Rubellite feature some of the forum's best pieces of literature.

    "The Haunted House Ghost Story" Poem Game by Peepman99

    A forum game that managed to stay on topic for quite a while.

    Favorite Quotes (chronological order, oldest first)

    Quote Originally Posted by SquarePig View Post
    You can get the recipes as rewards for pvp battles
    My very first post! This is where it all began.


    Quote Originally Posted by GAMEVIL View Post
    We're working on two different ZENONIA games right now, and they will come out later this year.
    I seem to bring up this quote in at least a dozen different posts. Gamevil's just a bit behind schedule here.


    Quote Originally Posted by Peepman99 View Post
    Thank you all who have helped me get to this point, and thank you gamevil for providing games for me to post on
    Peep's 1000th post, a very touching post. Brings back memories.


    Quote Originally Posted by Rubellite View Post
    As wonderful as ever. Square is our resident piggy...bard. o.o
    It was from this day that I became the residential piggy bard.


    Quote Originally Posted by lovehnp View Post
    It seems like Gamevil is realizing how limited the game is without Zen and so theyre giving it away hoping players will realize the same and start buying Zen.

    Like free samples of an addictive drug
    Quote of the Year 2012.


    Quote Originally Posted by HiddenFromYou View Post
    I'll trade my post count for Square and Rube.
    Perhaps my favorite forum one-liner of all. <3


    Quote Originally Posted by Rubellite View Post
    Luxferre scowls. He is strong, he is head of the Divine Cavalry, guard of the Shaman herself, and has incredibly girly white-blue-purple hair. He will fix this.
    It's impossible not to be inspired by Rubellite. Click the quote for more! There are far too many epic Rubellite quotes for this thread to do them justice.


    Quote Originally Posted by SquarePig View Post
    Meanwhile, you have zero forum friends and the only member who ever sent you a visitor message is a spambot.
    It's a dark day when I'm compelled to write this. Makes for a good quote though.


    Quote Originally Posted by belmont View Post
    Dear Jed the dark avenger was so good that it become alive and as you may know that nature has a eternal law that all living things must die one day . So this law was also applied to the so alive game play . We all have regret for this great loss. Perhaps we can't forget dark avenger and that is why we frequently visit it's graveyard(forum ).
    Very well said. I feel the same way about Zenonia 2.


    Gamevil "Resume"

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    Two-Time Gamevilian Award Winner
    July Member of the Month Winner
    August/September Story Competition Winner

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    Zenonia 2: Rank 7 Guild
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