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    Default [Notice] 3nd Major Update Patch Notes

    Greetings Adventurers
    This is CM_Kyprosa, your supporter in your adventure to unearth the secrets of the world.

    Please see below for detailed information about ArcheAge BEGINS' 3nd major update.

    ■ Update Information

    3rd Major Update Teaser Video :

    1. Territory Battle Expansion

    - Territory Battle now consists of 6 Rounds instead of 1.

    - Territory Battle Rounds 2~6 will start from after Territory Battle Round 1 concludes until 7 days later, when the next Territory Battle Round 1 will start.

    - Each new Round will begin at 19:00 PST the day after a Round ends.

    - If a Territory Battle Round 1 is to begin the next day at 19:00 PST, the next Territory Battle Round in the series will not be starting.

    - Once the current Territory Battle Round ends, the next will begin at 19:00 PST a day later, and continue on this way until the next Territory Battle Round 1 is to start.

    - The Guild that was victorious in the last Territory Battle Round will not be allowed to participate in the next one.

    - All members of victorious Guilds are not allowed to leave/be kicked from their respective Guilds until the next Round 1 begins.

    - All victorious Guilds will have access to the exclusive Trade Route until the next Round 1 begins.

    - As each Territory Battle Round ends, Ranking Rewards will be distributed based on participation, and rewards will be less than those from Round 1.

    - Also, this Ranking Reward will be less each Round.

    - If there is a Territory Battle Round underway at the time a new Round 1 is to start, it will be terminated and Ranking Rewards will be distributed based on the state of the Round at the time of termination.

    2. Guild System Improvements

    - Additional pop-up confirmations have been added for when transferring Guild Leadership rights.

    - Leadership transference will only work if you confirm every pop-up notice.

    - If a Leader has not been online for a set amount of time, Leadership will be transferred to the member with the highest Contribution.

    - The Guild member who meets the requirements will have an [Accept] button show up, and they must press the button in order to receive Leadership rights.

    - Even if the [Accept] button was displayed and pressed, the Leadership may not be transferred over if the conditions were not met at the time.

    - Some improvements have been made to Guild-related UI.

    3. New Guild BBS Added

    - A BBS has been added for use as a Guild feature.

    - The BBS can be accessed by members of the same Guild and others.

    - In order to use the BBS, your Guild must be Level 2 or higher.

    - The Guild Leader will have to authority to manage (delete posts, etc) their Guild's BBS.

    4. New Hero Evolution Added

    - Zamra of Probabilities (Toro) has been added as a new Hero Evolution.

    5. Other Modifications and Improvements

    - Drop rate for Stone of Life and Advanced Spirit Wing have been increased for Legacy of Heroes Stage 20 and up.

    - Drop rate for Melisara and Kyprosa Evolution Pieces have been increased.

    - Legacy of Heroes- Heroes in the Select Hero tab has been changed to be displayed as Recommended / General / Immune.

    - The amount of Gold you can earn from a successful Plunder has been increased.

    - The cooldown time for Warrior/Knight, Assassin, and Musician warriors has been lowered. (Cooldown duration is the same, however, the time between battle start and first usage has been reduced.)

    - The daily transaction limit on Tokens in the Marketplace have been adjusted according to Housing level.

    - Some Shop UI and product placement changes,

    - A guide UI has been added for Rune Fusion.

    Thank you
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    sincere update
    when will you add new server?

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    You kidding us... Since months always same bugs... Bye archeage...

    *updated list*

    - housing lvl5 3* loot bug: all the grinding for stones etc... For nothing. While farming on auto works good and lootwise correct, the manual 3*ing a run got a wrong loot table. The 3rd loot, which should be always the purple cheese, gives only blue cheese instead. So auto farming is more beneficial than 3* manual... Fix loot please!

    - fix hero skills like Melisara heal: it don't scale with her attack, resulting being useless... A 2k heal tick don't help at 400k health... Needs an urgent fix!

    - balance heroes asap! compared to (all at max evo 121/121) an anthalon, melisara as a dps-based hero is doing about 40% less damage than anthalon. with the todays patch, I can say that Lupinlulu is doing only the half damage of melisara. Again: all 3 are at max. enhanced evolution! Buff Lupin and especially Aello too - they are absurdly underwhelming!

    - anthalon is s DoT based hero which ignores completely (in pve and pvp) DoT immunity (for example the buffs from Oscar). For a better pvp challenge DoT immunity buff mechanics should work correctly again this kind of stuff. Even in 7-5 Saga it's in the description to use such buffs... But they should working then...

    - fix the annihilation connect loop bug. players could not attack several people cause they stuck in this loop since weeks!

    - fix the disconnect bug at begin or at the end of raid. that's no fun anymore...


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    Greetings. Is there an ETA on this update?
    Thank you.

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