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    Default [Notice] 2/6 Patch Notes

    Greetings Bodens,

    Check out what's coming in the 2/6 PST Update


    1.Contents Balance Adjustment
    2.Eligos Reward Changes
    3.Valentine's Day Pet Event
    4.Valentine's Day Shop Event
    5.Transcended Character Costume Sale

    - Rebalancing Guild Adventure and Loot Battle

    - Transcended Essences
    - Upon purchase: Ruby x 200 + Transcended Essence x 20
    - Daily: Ruby x 80 + Transcended Essence x 15
    - Repurchase reward: Transcended Essence x 20
    - Shoes spent reward: 1 Transcended Essence per 300 shoes used.
    ※ If purchase was made prior to changes, difference will be issued during maintenance.
    - Login Daily: Transcended Essence x 5

    Valentine's Day Event #1

    Event Period: 2/6 (After Maintenance) ~ 2/20 (Before Maintenance) PST
    - Pet Reward: 7 day expiration in Mailbox, Pet is effective for 2 weeks (14 days).
    - BUFF: Ally Drop Rate increased by 20% in Dungeons.
    - Event Buff will be stacked on top of usual ally drop increased rate

    Valentine's Day Event #2

    - Drop List: A Jewel Summon, S Jewel Summon, SS Jewel Summon, (C~S) Ally, (B~SS) Ally, (A~SSS) Ally, Ticket x 5, Ticket x 10, Ticket x 20, Magic Scroll, SS Skill Card, SSS Skill Card, U Skill Card.
    - Event Drop: 2/6 (After Maintenance) ~ 2/20 (Before Maintenance)
    - Sales End: 2/6 (After Maintenance) ~ 2/27 (Before Maintenance)

    - Transcended Character Costumes added for all Classes
    Sale Period: 2/6 (After Maintenance) ~ 3/13 (Before Maintenance) PST

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    Default Hello Sir CM Hellhawk

    Can't I request this next custom update for summer I want to get some in canter swimsuit for my incanter character at next custom update Thank You And More Power

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