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    Default [Event] Valentine's Day Community Event

    Greetings Bodens!

    To celebrate this Valentine's Day we have prepared a special 2 part community event!

    Note: this post is for NA server only

    Duration: 2/14 ~ 2/21


    [Event #1]
    Find the difference

    How to Participate:
    1) look at the 2 photos and find the difference.
    2) in the google sheet (link provided below), provide server, CS code, and the number for different area.
    3) rewards will be only sent to those who get all answers correctly


    [Event #2]
    Share event

    How to Participate:
    1) Share Event #1 Post
    2) Rewards given based on the number of shares


    [Event #1] Find the difference

    30 T. Essences

    [Event #2] Share Event

    200 shares = 1 SSS Ally
    300 shares = 2 SSS Allies
    500 shares = 3 SSS Allies

    Note: Rewards are not cumulative.
    ex. if community reaches 500 shares, reward is 3 SSS allies not 6 SSS allies.

    Please do not share the answers in the Forum or comment section or anywhere else
    If there are spoilers we will terminate this event.

    ** Any missing or incorrect information or duplicate submissions will not be eligible for rewards.
    *Rewards will be provided within a week or two after the event has been completed
    *Users that have provided the information after the event date will not be eligible for the reward
    *Any sharing or leaking answers will terminate the event
    *Rewards are not cumulative, the player will get rewarded according to the answer
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    Just wanted to point out, that is one great looking ass.... 💃🏼👍👍👌
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    Red face wow~~!!

    wow~~I want to try it.

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    Default When will we get rewards?

    When will the rewards get paid out?

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