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    Default [Giant Intro] Captain Octopus!


    Captain Octopus is a Giant who attacks by summoning his Henchman.
    One Henchman is not much of a threat but a concentrated attack of multiple Henchmen is quite powerful.

    CC Immunity

    Stun, Subdue, Push, Pull, Banish


    [Normal Attack]
    Deals physical damage to Highest Aggro Enemies.

    [Bomb Drop (Auto-Skill)]

    Deals physical damage to random enemies and the area surrounding them.
    When Captain Octopus targets Allies with weak Physical Defense, use a Tank to provoke and take on the damage instead.
    It is dangerous to place Allies near the vicinity of the Tank.

    [Potent Alcohol (Auto-Skill)]

    A Penetration Physical Attack that targets enemies with the Highest Aggro.
    Temporarily decreases Physical Defense when hit.
    It is dangerous to place Allies behind the Tank.

    [Seasickness (Auto-Skill)]

    Stuns random enemies and issues a Focus Attack order.
    Captain Octopus and his Henchmen will attack all targets, so use a Tank to provoke.

    [Pirate King (Auto-Skill)]

    Summons a Pirate Henchman.
    It becomes dangerous for the Healer when/if there are too many Henchmen.
    Either eliminate the Henchmen with an AOE attack or have the Tank provoke to protect the Healer.

    Attack Methods

    Do not place Allies near or behind the Tank.
    Have the Tank provoke when Allies, that are not Tanks, are targeted by Seasickness and Bomb Drop.
    Use AOE attacks to clear the Pirate Henchmen and prevent them from forming large hordes.

    - Friendly Giant -
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