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    Default Early Game Walkthrough

    Heir of Light is hero collector game but if you are here you alreay knew that.

    Beware of rerolling meta. People are creating new accounts to attempt to summon 5 star servants with the free Epic Summon Stones from the in-game mailbox.
    Note: Deleted account names are blocked. At least not available immediately or permanently.

    You need to go through the whole tutorial at least once and link with an account.
    1. Go to settings; and log out and log back in with a guest account.
    2. Pick your main servant, skip any cinematic cutscenes, and finish the first battle
    3. When you see "Tap here to Summon" on the main screen.. disconnect from your WIFI and mobile data.
      (This step will let you skip all further tutorials and cutscenes)
    4. Click the Summon icon; it will say "Unable to find the network".
    5. Re-enable the WIFI connection, proceed.
      (Now you can access the mailbox (top corner) and skip the mentioned tutorial and cutscenes)
    6. Use the Epic Summon Stones and good luck!
    7. If you get something good; finish the tutorial and use a different link account method as a placeholder.
      If you didn't get any satisfactory rolls. Go to step 10
      (with iOS and Game Center you can't overrite the old account with your now new better guest account)
    8. Bind the guest account with Facebook, logout and login with Game Center and delete the account.
    9. Log back in with Facebook account and bind it with Game Center
      (Afterwards you can delete your Facebook game data)
    10. Close the app
    11. Rinse and repeat
      (Go back to step 1, that will overrite the guest data)

    On Android, on step 7 you might be able to override you saved data in Google Play Games and skip step 10.

    Early Game Walkthrough

    Servants and leveling them
    Don't stockpile your summon stones. Use them to powerlevel your favorite or best servants.
    Keep the same type (color & name) servants to level up their skills level (spell). If you like them.
    Your priority should be finding a tank and a healer of each color.

    Max level servants give the same amount of EXP as level 1 servant when you're upgrading other servants with them.
    Level 1 is best used to upgrade level 2 and so forth.
    Servants with rune stones give more EXP.

    Don't be scared to use runes early on for your weaker servants.
    Level them up to +3 to unlock a new stat attribute. Every +3 levels you get a new stat attribute at random. It can also be one you already have; it than adds up.
    If you wish to remove one, it will cost 10k gold, so it is best to simply replace them accordingly with higher tier ones.


    Pay attention to your servant elemental type vs the bosses/zones. Some zones have bosses of a different color.
    The tank must always be in a favorable position in the elemental matchup or you will wipe.
    Rotate through the zones in the world map to maximize your elemental strenghts while completing quest.
    Try to finish the normal zones (teal, not blue) first. There the boss level increses every new title and the max is level 12.
    After that try to complet zones with 3 stars to open the map further and find suitable zones for your servants you currently have.
    Attempt to compelte quest as they give good rewards that will help you progress more smoothly.
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    Default OK !

    Thank you. It's a wonderful thing. xo

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