Hi anglers!

Here are the new events as of 3/13 PDT.

Lucky Card RUSH EVENT! (until 3/14 18:00 PDT)

A Special Legend Card Event where plenty of advanced Costumes will appear is about to get going!

Check out what Costumes you can acquire in the Lucky Card Menu!

1. During this event, advanced Costumes will be added massively to the Legend Cards.

2. Higher chances of acquiring better-than-usual items from the Legend Lucky Cards.

3. Legend Lucky Cards can be purchased with Stars at a 50% discount.

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Inventory Expansion Ticket Reward Event! (until 3/14 18:00 PDT)

If you buy Stars in the Item Shop, receive an [Inventory Expansion Ticket] according to how much you spend!

4800 Stars: Legend Lucky Card x50, Inventory Expansion Ticket x1000, Stars x2400
2250 Stars: Legend Lucky Card x20, Inventory Expansion Ticket x300, Stars x1260
1260 Stars: Legend Lucky Card x10, Inventory Expansion Ticket x200
375 Stars: Legend Lucky Card x2, Inventory Expansion Ticket x100