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    Lightbulb [Event] Lucky Clover 2018 [3/16 - 3/27]

    Hey Linkers,

    It's time to collect some Lucky Clovers!

    4 Events:
    Event Dungeon Quest
    Event Quest (Special Mission)
    Item Roadmap (Personal Gathering)
    Ranking Event


    Global: 03/16 12:00AM PDT - 03/27 11:59PM PDT
    Asia: 03/16 12:00AM - 03/27 11:59PM CST
    EU: 03/16 12:00AM - 03/27 11:59PM CET


    During the event, our special NPC will be handing out the following possible rewards, every two hours:

    50 Lucky Clovers
    100 Lucky Clovers
    15 Swords
    30 Swords
    6★ Random Hero
    6★ Random Equipment
    3★ Random Fairy
    Hero Crystal
    Magic Metal
    Spirit Stone
    Spirit Metal
    6★ Chris the Explorer
    6★ Bibi the Circus Master

    [1. Lucky Clover! Event Dungeon]

    Can participate Lucky Clover! event in [Battle].
    4-6★ Rank Heroes are dropped at a higher rate than Normal Dungeon.
    The drop rate is the same on all difficulties.
    Gathering Materials dropped only on Hell difficulty.

    Item Drop Table
    5-6★ Anubis the God of the Dead, Stoney the Clan Lord, 4-6★ Maya the Blind Priestess, Nana the Fairy, 2-3★ Heroes and Fairies.
    2-3★ Equipment
    Magic Scroll, Bell, Feather, Wood Crystal

    Dungeon Quest Rewards
    Clear Normal: 60 Wood Medals
    Clear Hell: 5★ Wood Fairy
    Defeat 2000 [Ringo the Bard]: 6★ Acorn Bomb
    100% Completion: 6★ Chris the Explorer

    [2. Event Quests (Special Mission)]

    Clear quests to obtain rewards!
    Quests can be taken every two hours.
    You can save up to a maximum of three quests.
    Each mission can be accomplished by clearing the stage, regardless of difficulty or gathering.

    Quest Rewards List
    Quest 1: 1-6 Clear: 100 Roasted Turkeys
    Quest 2: 2-6 Clear: 200 Roasted Turkeys
    Quest 3: 3-6 Clear: 150k Gold
    Quest 4: 4-6 Clear: 10 Swords
    Quest 5: 5-6 Clear: 20 Swords
    Quest 6: 6-6 Clear: 3★ Smelting Stones
    Quest 7: 7-6 Clear: 15 Random Gathering Materials
    Quest 8: 8-6 Clear: 6★ Random Hero
    Quest 9: 9-6 Clear: 6★ Random Equipment
    Quest 10: 10-6 Clear: 5 Hero Crystals
    Quest 11: 11-6 Clear: 5 Magic Metals
    Quest 12: 12-6 Clear: 3 Rainbow Coins

    [3. Item Roadmap (Personal Gathering Event)]

    There are five different claimable lines available.
    Receive special rewards for each time you complete a line.
    Each reward costs 500 Lucky Clovers.
    All rewards can only be obtained once. (except post-100% achievements)

    Event Rewards
    Line 1:

    Line 2:

    Line 3:

    Line 4:

    Line 5:

    Special Rewards
    Each time you complete a line, you can earn special rewards!

    Post-100% Achievement
    When the achievement is 100% complete, you can do post-100% achievement draws.
    This can be bought repeatedly!
    Lucky Clover 750: 1 Hero Crystal

    [4. Ranking Event]

    Thank you!
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    Default Appreciate

    Really appreciate the promptness dissemening this news Milk!

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    Is this some copy and paste? Who needs roasted turkeys following the completion of a quest?

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    Let me double check this portion.

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    how the infamous combine event will be coming soon.

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    hope the infamous combine event will be coming soon.

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    Hi Milk, is there any way to know the missions without going to the event page in the in-game browser?

    I still experience the crashes ( ), it was bearable with previous events since I only needed to claim once every 1-2 days, but now it will become annoying if I have to restart the app every 6 hours (and probably twice: once to know the quests, once to claim them). Especially since the app takes 1-2 mn to load.

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    fyi your event times for pdt is an hr off. looks like you guys havent adjusted the clock for daylight saving

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    The event page is showing a different end date for the event than is listed on this page
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Quote Originally Posted by StarTeddy View Post
    The event page is showing a different end date for the event than is listed on this page
    Don't listen to that event page! lol. It ends at the end of 3/27!
    Thanks for mentioning this StarTeddy, we'll try to have it fixed shortly.

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