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    Default Suggestions and Quality of Life Improvements

    Suggestions and Quality of Life Improvement Requests

    Here, I have compiled a complete list from the English sub-forum of the original forums, of all the various ideas the community came up with to either improve upon the games current functions, or alter them in a way that would be more beneficial to the players. Many of them were well crafted, and hopefully many made it though from CBT into the Launch. Without further ado, let us begin.

    From the user Wolfcub, we have:

    Currently it seems allied guilds are damaging each other on the throne, this is highly counter productive at best.

    *Allied guilds should not be able to damage each other at all.
    *Also there should be an alliance group chat.
    Setting Throne Wars to be 24 hours promotes staying up for many hours.

    *I suggest the timer is lowered to about 12 hours or less, where if your guild controls it for half the time you instantly win.
    *To keep the vultures down, no resources should be gained from attacking castles during the throne war when they are in the central area. Its a battle for the throne, not a free for all for resources

    While I agree with most of these points, the last one I personally was not on board with. This is after all, a war game. What fun is a war, without getting the spoils of it! ^-^

    Next up, we have some submissions by the user Orek:

    So i know Im not alone when i say the filter is super frustrating to deal with. It makes talking to others in the game very annoying and tedious and creates reliance on outside apps like discord.

    *Could we get an option to disable the filter? I am unsure of the restrictions in regards to first party requirements on mobile but it feels like there should be some work around for it.
    Currently gems that give flat stat boosts as a main stat are never worth running over a % stat. Running +Atk vs %Atk.

    If we look at a 5* rune it gives 30% of a main stat like magic attack. A flat magic attack stat will give 360 base boost.

    Now if we apply these runes to a 6* Merlin who has a base stat of 12,222 we get the follow:

    12222*1.3 = 15888 For % Rune

    12222+360 = 12582 For Flat Base Rune.

    The difference is staggering. This also applies to runes with flat crit, dodge, and crit dmg. The flat boost they give is so small, its super hard to even reach 15% dodge or crit rate. If you manage to reach those stats, you end up giving up so much %att/Matt/HP/mdef/pdef. In the end the dodge or crit you get will always be dwarfed by the % runes.

    What i suggest is to start you double the flat gem stat on all runes. So for a 5* rune, it goes from 360 to 720 at +15. a 6* goes from 550 to 1100. This at least gives us viable options to make crit and dodge character. If we look at a hero like Kasano who has 560(5.6%) base dodge chance, having 2 flat dodge runes gives him 1100+1100+560= 2760(27.6%) dodge chance before any % modifiers. That is a good amount and something that would be worth investing in. You want to reward players for investing into a stat. Currently dodge, crit, and to a lesser extent crit dmg are NEVER worth investing into.

    I also wouldnt mind seeing +flat boosts added to the researches. A good starting point might be 1000-1500 with all researches maxed. On the flip side we also would need to have methods to get addition accuracy to counter dodge characters. Otherwise they become to strong and are the only viable build.
    As we all know the game focuses around getting duplicate heroes or skill essences to boost your heroes skills to lvl 3. Unfortunately these skills dont transfer over from one element to another. For example if i have a Earth Merlin with all the skills unlocked, and i feed him to a Water Merlin as that fits my team better, the Water Merlin only gets the one skill and not max skills.

    If a person gets an element of a hero they want to build but it isnt the element they want they have two options.

    1) Wait for the element they want to drop

    2) Build the current hero but do not unlock any of their skills.

    I suggest to add an item we can buy from various shops, Celestial, Arena, Gems, etc. that allows you to transfer all existing skills over to the same hero of a different element. This allows players to customize their teams with some more ease, but also makes them invest into the item(transfer item) if they choose to do so. This will especially come in handy with 5*'s on the games release. As someone may not wanna skill a 5* as it doesnt fit in their team composition.
    As a QoL improvement it would be nice to be able to go into our inventory and use the research and construction CD items. If i am checking my inventory to see if it is full while farming celestial monsters, I dont want to have to 1) back out of it 2) return to my castle 3) find the building that im upgrading 4) click on the building 5) and select accelerate.

    I would much rather just 1) Select the item 2) Select Use and be taken to the building to use it.

    Reduces the steps to use the items by 3.
    All strong points of improvement, my own long thread also dabbles in a few of these, requested by quite a few people that I spoke with during the CBTs. Let us hope Gamevil heard our requests with the upcoming launch.

    Next, a user by the name of Wolf. Only one submission from this user, but it definately deserves a spot on the thread-transfer train from old forums to new. Here it is ^-^

    Very quickly, I just want to bring up light to an issue regarding the notifications/alerts when being attacked. I have a problem with the current notification system being used in the game that warns you about your bases being attacked, especially when you are in game. For example, if you are upgrading gems and or evolving a monster or enhancing it; most of the time you did not notice (at least I haven’t notice) that you are being attacked. I noticed a tiny banner saying something “attack troops being deployed,“ or something along those lines. Today was the first time I noticed that banner. As soon as I got out of the enhancing screen I was in effect being attacked but it was too late to do something about it. Maybe a sound alert could be added to the system or even a color warning that makes your screen flash red or yellow or green or whichever color. This is the normal warning system that I’ve seen in other games that I played, and it works better than the tiny banner. It makes you realize right away that you need to do something about the attacking troops to survive the attack.


    This next suggestion, brought to us by the user Valkuryn, was both a bug report, and a suggested fix. During CBT, if your castle walls were even slightly on fire, you could do nothing at all until the fire went out. It took far too long to put said fire out, and likely caused many a player to stop even testing in the CBT. With any luck, they have adjusted the Ramparts for us for the launch, fingers crossed ^-^

    Thank you great game so far. My only problem is the fires on the ramparts spending 1000 gems should if not fix it totally then at least make it so we can research and complete buildings. I spent 1800 gems and barely got over 50% and still could not finish my castle.

    this is so far is the only bad thing I have found but it makes it so I don’t want to play if I can’t get the fire out. Make it so we can put the fire out in the first hour then we can research and build even if it’s at a reduced rate but 25 to 36 hours of no work if you log in every hour or having to spend massive amounts of gems is just wrong. You will loose a lot of players with that mechanic in place. IMHO other than that love the game so far.

    Last up, we have my own submissions, quite long in the tooth however. I will not feel bad if they are not read in full ^-^

    1: A Blitz system for Campaign Stages. That is, a way for us to instantly complete a stage we have already done, and obtained 3 stars for, without having to enter the dungeon. This could either be implemented with an additional entrance item on top of using the already in place wings, or have the wing cost slightly increased. Both of which would be alright, so long as they remain within reason.

    2: Auto-Repeat feature. Most mobile games by now, have some form of this implemented, but with limited amounts of use available per day. Wonder Tactics, a Com2Us game, for example allows its users to gain 100 auto battle tickets every day, with a max of 200 (2 days) to be saved up at any given time. This takes away from the tediousness that is constantly clicking on repeat, or looking at your screen when you know you can already win the stage. Auto-Repeat is also a function only available, once you have attained 3 stars on the stage.

    3: The costs of Celestial War Shop seem a bit over the top. Even if you get lucky enough to get a full team of 5* (average of 450k CP), the highest monsters you can hit, are level 12 which are CP 370k. (Level 13s jump 120k up in CP, the largest jump of all monsters per level, ending at 830k with level 20s). This means a net gain of 35 (amount of monsters you can attack per day, seems to increase at about 1 per 5 minutes or so. No In-Game UI to show this value though), * 32 which is roughly 1200 Celestial War coins per day on average IF you have a full team of 5*. That means you can only get a 3* essence, once per week at current costs. 4* essence would take considerably longer at 50 days for a single 4* essence. 5* essence and the Power Essence (skill ups) would take the average player over 208 days to obtain just 1. Sadly, Large monsters do not offer anywhere near the Celestial Points as Normal Monsters to make them a viable way of obtaining more points per day.
    Lets break this down a little more however: In 1 day, the average person with a full 5* team can net approximately 1200 coins. A single 3* evolution material costs 5000 coins, 15000 for 3 to evolve a single 3* into a 4*. Thats 1/4 the cost of a single 4* essence in the coin shop. You can get the fodder to make a 5* for the same cost as a single 4* fodder if you instead buy the 3* essence, instead of the 4*..

    Start with Four 3* at max level. next, buy 12 of the 3* Evolution Essence at 5000 coins each totaling to 60000 coins. Evolve each of the 3*s, into a 4*. You now have four 4* evolution "Essence", for the same cost as one if you were to have purchased it from the shop directly for 60000.

    Now take that same process with four 3*s, and instead get 25 of them. That is Twenty-Five 3*s at max level. Buy 3* essence for all 25 of them, 75 of 3* essence. Evolve all 25 of the 3*s into 4*s. Level 5 of them to level 40, and then evolve those 5, using the 20 remaining 4*s, to make five 5*s. Buying five 5* essence would cost you 1,250,000 Celestial Coins, coming in at 1041 days to achieve, for the average player. Buying instead 75 of the 3* essence would cost you 375,000 Celestial Coins, taking the average player 312 days to obtain. By doing the 3*s, instead of 5* essences, you are saving yourself over 2/3rds the amount of days to obtain a 6*.

    ~Edit~ Now, assuming that it is 1 monster battle fight per 5 minutes, we can use up the first 35 attempts in approximately 10 minutes if monsters are nearby. Lets say it takes 1 hour to use them all up, including the ones that would refresh while fighting. That leaves 23 hours of increase for attacks. That comes to (23h * 60M)/5M.. comes to 276 additional monster attacks, that seems awfully high.. Time to actually time how long it takes to gain 1 attack.

    ~Edit 2~ Alright, it seems closer to 1 attack every 15 minutes, which still is quite a few attacks, but not 12 per hour, only 4. Thats a total of 96 attacks every day at maximum. That brings the total Celestial Point gain from 1200 a day, to roughly 3100 points per day with a full 5* hero team at 370k CP. If the team can reach 500k CP, they could get 34 points per fight, instead of 32, to get a total of 3264 points per day, over the 3072 of 370k CP teams.

    Still not fantastic by any means, but lets get our new values of how long to make a single 6* using 3* essence vs buying the 4*/5* materials, and get Skill Up materials:

    A single 4* using 3* essence will cost 15000 Celestial Points (Three 3* Essence * 5000 Celestial Points each), coming in at 4.8 days, rounding to 5 days per 4*.
    A single 5* using 3* essence will cost 60000 Celestial Points (Twelve 3* Essence * 5000), coming in at 19.3 days, rounding to 20 days for a single 5*.
    A single 5* using 4* essence will cost 240000 Celestial Points (Four 4* Essence * 60000), coming in at 77.4 days, rounding to 78 days for a single 5*.
    A Single 6* using 3* essence will cost 375000 Celestial Points (Seventy-Five 3* Essence * 5000), coming in at 120.9 days, rounding to 121 days for a single 6*.
    A single 6* using 5* essence will cost 1250000 Celestial Points (Five 5* Essence * 250000), coming in at 403.2 days, rounding to 403 days for a single 6*.
    A Power Essence (Skill up material) will cost 250000 Celestial Points, coming in at 80.6 days, rounding to 81 days for each skill up essence.

    ~disclaimer~ both the single 5* using 4* essence and the single 6* using 5* essence assuming you already have either a 4* or a 5* that you wish to make into the next grade. This data is only for upgrading a current hero from one grade to the next.

    4: Add additional research nodes, to increase the amount of dispatches one can have out at any given time. The current limit of 2 is quite constraining, especially once youve acquired enough heroes to go on 5 or more dispatches.

    5: Add tooltips to the gems while inside the Gem Combiner. Currently its a guessing game of which gem is which for the main stat. Never know if you got rid of the wrong gem, until its too late and you go back to the gem inventory to look.

    ~Edit~ Turns out this is already a thing, just takes forever holding your finger down for the tooltip to appear.

    6: Add a Cancel option to Gem Enhancing. Currently, its not really a big deal, gem enhance costs are negligible so its not like it costs a fortune to do a 10x upgrade..

    7: Arena Shop Points currently seem over the top, similar to that of Celestial Wars shop. I have not yet progressed my way into the top ranks, for whatever reason the arena was populated with fake accounts with varying CP, making it near impossible to reach higher than rank 300 without at least a few 5*s. If the Trophy reward per day increases at these higher ranks, there may be no issue at all with the current shop. Otherwise, getting only 300 trophys a day, means getting a 3* essence (1000 points) every 3rd day, or a 3-5 summon ticket. Or, you could wait a week and get a guranteed element 3-5* summon ticket for 2000. Alternatively, you could wait 2 months to obtain a 4* summon ticket. And lastly, you could instead wait an entire year (334 days), to get a single 5* summon. That is, naturally, only if the current system of getting trophys is a placeholder.

    ~edit~ So, I broke into rank 400is before the reset, and the trophy rewards have tripled daily. I am now getting 900 as a rank reward, thereby making the current shop perfectly reasonable.

    8: Add a new dungeon type, that allows us to get materials for altering the stats on our gems. Summoners War, another Com2Us game, implemented a Raid styled system for this purpose, and the rewards are Grindstones. These stones allowed the user to change any one property on a rune, which is their version of a gem, to whatever the stat was on the particular grindstone used. Additionaly there were Enchant Gems, which allowed the user to increase the effectiveness of the stats already on the runes.

    9: Guild Research is rather expensive starting out, and only gets increasingly more expensive. With current 30 member limit, and 20 donations each, the average gain of 30k Guild Growth Points per day is obtainable if every member donates all 20 times. With current initial cost of research of 183k for the first level on all tech, thats at best 6 days to get the first level of research. The cost goes up significantly from there. The research is also entirely focused on just guild activities, and gives no benefit to members outside of either Defending another guild members castle, or attacking with another guild member. Perhaps include other researches, that affect normal gameplay, while not teamed up with others. For example, boosts while hunting monsters, or adventuring.

    10: With the current Siege system, it can take up to 32 hour for someone to repair their ramparts after being attacked. Thats 31 hours, of them not being able to research or upgrade any of their city stuff. It also significantly reduces their battle effectiveness out in Celestial Wars, making Monster Hunting harder for those 32 hours while they Free Repair. I propose that Monster Hunting have an increased chance of dropping rampart repair items, in the thousand or so that i have slain, only have obtained 2 of these such items. Either that, or reduce the cooldown on the free repair to something more obtainable to the average user. Even if you made it 30 minutes per repair, that would be 16 hours of not being able to do anything, instead of 32.

    ~Edit~ Furthermore, I propose that the current way the fire system works be re-worked. Have an initial repair, that puts out the fire, so that the castle owner can continue advancing within their castle walls. And then, once the fire is out, allow the repairing of the ramparts to begin, with the above proposed changes at the very least in mind. Even having to "put out the fire" for each stage of fire, of which there are 3, would be fine, so long as it allows the player to actually play the game, even with a broken rampart. The current system, as already mentioned, prevents any form of advancement in building and researching so long as there is a fire. The fire remains, until the ramparts are almost fully healed, this means currently, over 25 hours of not being able to do anything except log in, and click on repair every hour, until the rampart fire goes out.

    11: Star Signs, there are a lot of inconsistancies on what each star sign increases. On one hero, Gemini is increasing Attack and Dodge, another hero, also with Gemini, is getting Defense and Tenacity.. Make the star signs more universal. All heroes who get Gemini, should have the same stats affected by the star sign. Also, instead of having the star sign boost Defense only, have it also apply to Magical Defense. A more complex Star Chart, would instead be broken down into 3 different charts. One for Assault, One for Support, and One for Defense. All Defense heroes, with the same star sign, get the same stat increases, while a Defense and a Support may share the Star sign, but gain different sets of Stat gains. Ill include this in the work i am doing for the Codex.

    ~Edit~ On further investigation, it would seem it is already broken down into each Class type, but the primary stat for Defense signs, is not uniform to both Defense and Magic Defense.

    12: The current Gem Upgrade system is far too "random". I would propose, adding a second layer of upgrading gems to the equation. Allow us to have the option to either randomly upgrade a gem from its current grade, to the next grade or, for slightly more resources, keep the current Main Stat of the gem, while upgrading its grade to the next level. Ive done over 100 gem upgrades from 2* to 3* now, and all of my Yellow gems, set bonus being for magical attack, have ended up with Attack as their mainstat, making them completely useless. The same holds true for my Blue gems, they all gained Magic Attack as their main stat, also making them all useless. Alternatively, you could remove the chance of obtaining Magic Attack/Magic Attack % as the mainstat for Blue gems, and likewise for the Yellows remove Attack/Attack %.

    13: Similar to the current DPS/HPS/TPS display we have on the Left side of the screen. A panel to display current targetable enemies, on the Right side of the screen would be most beneficial, especially when the camera decides to pan in on one specific hero, who is on the other side of the map, away from the enemies you are trying to target.

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