Hey everyone!!!

In this Post I would like to tell you about some tips to gold farming

Early Game

a) Just complete the Star Rewards and you will get Tons of gold
b) Also you can sell all the 1* and 2* runes that have flat stats in Slots 2/4/6
c) Complete the elemental chapters because with every clearing they give you gold, runes, exp buns and other things


When we cannot go further in the Star rewards we want to start selling all the runes that we don't need and we can:

a) Farm Omen's dungeon to get better runes, and runes we don't need to sell them at high costs
For example in Omen's dungeon 5F you get 2,200 gold per run, and if you sell the rune you get because you don't need it you can gain from 1,500 to 13,000 extra gold!!!!

Late Game

The best way to earn gold is by Farming Omen's dungeon any level you can clear easily

For a little bit more Explanation on this matter visit my youtube video!


I hope you like this Tip!