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    Default [Event] Show Off Your Ayanad's Library Expedition (4/11 ~ 4/18 PDT)

    Greetings Adventurers

    It has been 2 weeks since the release of the Ayanad's Library.
    We want to have a time with the community to share and show off their Expedition.
    Come and show off your expedition and share tips with your fellow adventurers.

    Event Date:
    4/11 ~ 4/18 PDT

    Event Details:
    Share your Ayanad's Library Expedition and receive participation rewards

    Participation Rewards:
    > 1,000 Gems + 300 Stamina

    Provide Expedition Information in the Google Form Below
    Google Form Link:

    Event Rules:
    * This event is limited to US / EU / ASIA Region players only
    * Event Participation Rewards will be rewarded 1 weeks after the event end date
    * Participant must provide user information in the google survey
    * Participant must provide correct user information to receive participation rewards

    Thank you

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    Default Library dungeon

    Some times I can make it with A TEAM to LVL 14 and other days they die on boss 1 pls fix

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    Without full max evo teams it's impossible to succeed... I can imagine the frustration of some ppl who haven't the right heroes on max evo.

    also the loot should be reworked - I have TONS of useless blue and purple relics without the possibility to sell them. we need a fusion system to trash them for new ones (for example 3 into a new one of higher quality).

    overall it's simply too hard to have real fun with the dungeons - wasting only gems to get sometimes to 15 or so - the next time team is killed in the last second at floor 5 (for example)

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    hey hey hey

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