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    Default [Announcement] Royal Blood CBT Precautions [More Countries Added]

    Greetings, Royals!

    Please see below for information regarding the upcoming Royal Blood CBT.

    Available OS
    ☒ The CBT will be available only on Android.

    Available Countries
    [Update] CBT is now available in all countries except Korea, Japan, and China
    ** You may still access the game from any region if APK is installed

    Recommended Devices
    Recommended specs:
    Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 5, LG G3, or later models

    Realm Selection
    ☒ Once you have selected a Realm, you will be unable to switch afterward, even if you have yet to create a character.
    ☒ If there is more than a 15% difference in population between Realms, only the less populated Realms will be available for selection.
    ☒ Users of different Realms will not be able to meet on the field.

    Graphics Options Auto-Adjustment
    ☒ The graphics quality will automatically adjust according to the device you are using.
    ☒ The graphics quality may also auto-adjust during gameplay if necessary.
    ☒ To manually adjust the graphics quality: [Menu] - [Settings] - [Graphics]

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