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    Default [Notice] v1.3 Update Patch Notes

    Greetings Heirs,

    Here are the details on v1.3 update of Heir of Light.

    A [Guild Dungeon], [2 new Servants], and [3 new Avatars] have been added during the maintenance.
    Additionally, identified issues have been fixed and various improvements have been made.

    More information on the update can be found below.

    After the maintenance is complete, please update the game in order to access it.

    ◆ Update Contents

    [Guild Dungeon]
    > Work together with your fellow Guild members and take on the [Guild Dungeon].
    > The Guild Dungeon is open to all Guild members (members/apprentices).
    (Members who joined the Guild during the Season cannot participate.)
    > Access the Guild Dungeon through Guild and World Map. You will have 3 battle entries per day (You may recharge battle entries with Karats).
    > Battle entries are reset daily at 00:00 AM.
    > The Guild Dungeon will have 2 Seasons.
    - 1st Season: Mon/Tues/Wed
    - 2nd Season: Thu/Fri/Sat
    **(Not available on Sun)
    > Valor is required to enter the Guild Dungeon.
    > It consists of regular tiles and boss tiles. The boss tiles will have a time limit to clear it.
    > You may acquire Guild Points and bonus Damage if the boss tile is cleared within the time limit.
    > Guild Members cannot battle in a single stage at the same time.
    > Revival is not possible when defeated in the Guild Dungeon.
    > Guild Dungeon ranking will based on damage dealt by the user.
    > Upon victory, the damage score will given based on overall damage dealt to the Boss.
    > Guild Points can be acquired through Guild Dungeon battles. Additional Guild Points may be obtained based on rank.
    > Guild Points can be used to buy items at Shop -> Guild.
    > Go to [Guild Dungeon Guide]

    [2 New Servants]
    > New 5★ Servants Spiegel and Sphinx added
    > New Servants may be obtained through Summon.
    * See below for new Servants details



    > The probability for each Summon has changed due to 2 newly added servants.
    > Access the Drop Rate Page by clicking
    In Game Lobby > Event > In App Purchase Items Drop Rate Details

    [New Cinematics Added]
    : New Servant Sphinx Cinematics added
    : Discover the hidden story behind Sphinx

    [3 New Avatars]


    > 5★ Heylel, 4★ Griselda, and Father Hopkins Avatars added
    > New Avatars can be obtained through purchase.
    > More information about Avatars can be found at "Avatar Help"
    > New Avatars and Avatars of other characters are to be added in a later update.

    [Mileage System Added]

    > Earn Mileage points as a bonus for purchasing items.
    > You can purchase items with Mileage points from Shop -> Mileage.
    > Items purchased with Mileage will be sent to your Mailbox.
    > Mileage points for items purchased before the maintenance on 5/1 00:00 - 5/15 will be applied retroactively.
    > These Mileage points will be sent to your Mailbox and may be used after they are claimed.

    ◆Gameplay Improvements
    [Character Balance Modification]
    > Character balance has been modified.
    > Details can be found in the notice below.
    * v1.3 Update Preview part 1 (Character Balance Changes):

    [Explore Servant/ Servant Shard Drop Rate Increased]
    > The probability of obtaining Servants/Servant Shards has been increased in Explore.
    > Acquire Servants faster with 2x higher probability than normal.

    [Tower Invasion Servant Shard Probability Increased]
    > The probability of obtaining Servant Shards from Tower Invasion has been increased to about 70%.

    [Lucky Box Shard Drop Rate Increased]
    > The probability of obtaining 4-5★ Servant Shards from Lucky Chests (3-5★) has been greatly increased.
    > You may acquire Spiegel and Sphinx Servant Shards through the update.

    [Daily Mission Reward Increased]

    > Rewards for some daily missions have be increased.

    [Upper Button Added]
    > Buttons to go to Mailbox, Chat, and Mystery Dungeon added in Collection, Hall of Fame, and Prepare for Battle screens.
    > Now you can obtain items and chat with ease.

    [PvP/Tower Invasion Season Week Display]
    > Displays which week it is of the current Season for PvP and Invasion Tower.

    ◆Other Improvements
    [Ophelia Combo Skill Quality Improved]
    > Improved the quality of Ophelia's Down Mark Combo Skill effect.

    [Device Heating Improved]
    > The playback rate of the graphics has been adjusted so that device heating is reduced while playing the game.
    > Graphic settings have changed with the options of [Low/Normal/High].

    [Summon Stone Sorting Order Changed]

    > Summon Stone sorting order has been modified.

    [HP Heal Skill Info]
    > HP Heal skill information has been added and changed.
    > "Heals x's HP" has been changed to "Heals HP of x"

    > Added - Heals HP based on (your) Stats.

    > Modified- Heals HP of allies under attack.

    [Max HP Skill Info]
    > Skill info added- Increases damage based on Max HP

    > The following Servants have had this skill info added

    [Skill Gauge Increase Skill Info]
    > The skill gauge increase effect is not applicable to characters that already have it.
    Ex: Increases skill gauge by x% (except the target). This information was added to avoid confusion.

    [Combine Button]
    > For easier access, a Combine button has been added to the shortcut tab.

    [Upgrade Element Stone Tab]
    > The shortcut tab has been modified to make upgrading Element Stones more intuitive.
    > Now, you can easily upgrade Element Stones.
    Tap the shortcut tab -> select a Stone -> Tap Upgrade Element Stone

    [Mystery Dungeon Improved]
    > When you don't have an available Mystery Dungeon, a pop-up notice will be displayed upon tapping the Mystery Dungeon button or the Chat of the Mystery Dungeon.
    > If you have an approved Mystery Dungeon, you may go to the list by tapping the Mystery Dungeon button.
    > If you have an approved Mystery Dungeon, you can go to the list by tapping the Mystery Dungeon tab in the chat window.
    > Now, you may share the Mystery Dungeon once every 5 minutes.

    [Rune Tutorial Added]
    > Rune tutorial for Rune growth added

    [Package Purchase Limit Change]
    > The monthly purchase limit of the Twilight Summon Pack and Special Summon Pack has increased from 2 to 3.

    [Bonus+ Pack Reward Change]
    > Receive a Legendary Summon Stone for each Bonus+ Pack (4,000 Karats) purchase.

    [Lv UP Package Change]
    > The achievement level for the Lv UP Package has decreased from 41 to 40.
    > A Lv. 40 section has been added to the Normal Level Achievement Reward. [Lv. 40 Level Achievement Reward: 30 Karats]
    > A Lv. 40 section has been added to the Special Level Achievement Reward. [Lv. 40 Level Achievement Reward: 300 Karats]

    [Lv. 40 Pack Modified]
    > The Lv. 40 Pack has been changed to Lv. 35 Pack.
    > Once you reach Lv. 35, you may purchase the Lv. 35 Pack.

    [Awakening Motion Added]
    >After Awakening, you may view the newly added Awakening motions.
    [Skill Set Function Improved]
    > In the PvP team settings, when you change a Master's skill set, other skill sets will not be modified.
    > In the Prepare for Battle screen, the SP section of the skill set pop-up has been changed to skill points.

    ◆ Fixed Issues
    > The issue with the previous Invasion Log not being removed has been fixed.
    > "All enemies" has been added to Dark 3★ Servant Mordu's Meat Mincing skill description.
    (Violently pounds an enemy with a bone club. 85% chance to stun all enemies (except dungeon bosses) for 6 sec.)
    > The issue with the Boss list not closing in the Manor tile has been fixed.
    > The issue where the zoom in/out function did not work when entering the World Map on the battle result screen has been fixed.
    > The issue with not being able to remove Buff Block with Debuff removal has been fixed.
    > Modification - Oswald in fire region
    > The problem with last week's Abaddon rankings being from the previous Season has been resolved.
    > The issue with the World Map being tapped after entering the Character management screen through the World Map has been fixed.
    > In the Servant's 2nd Awakening, the issue with the score not being recorded in the review has been fixed.
    > The issue with buttons making sounds, even though it was set to mute, has been resolved.
    > The issue with the sword mark not appearing on quest tiles that have not achieved all Stars has been fixed.
    > The problem with the close button on event pages being hidden by the navigation bar for Galaxy S8, S9, and Note 8 has been fixed.
    > The sporadic issue of not receiving login rewards has been corrected.
    > The issue of not receiving vibrations when the battle ends after 10 Repeat Battles has been resolved.
    > The problem with moving to the lobby instead of the previous page has been fixed.
    > The issue with the target having a Down status upon using 5★ Leto's secondary Combo Skill (Groggy) has been modified so that the target becomes Groggy.

    Thank you.
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