Greetings Heirs,

I, Heylel of the Morning Star, would like to announce that it has been 100 days since the first establishment of the Church.
To celebrate the 100th day, I have created amazing events filled with all kinds of missions and rewards!
Take this time to take a break from the battle against the 12 Knights of Terror and enjoy the celebration!

It's time to Celebrate Heirs!

Access the 100th Day Celebration Cake Event Page by clicking
Lobby > Event > 100th Day Celebration Event!

100th Day Celebration Cake Event Date:
[US Server] 6/14 00:00 ~ 7/2 23:59 PDT
[EU Server] 6/14 00:00 ~ 7/2 23:59 CEST
[SEA Server] 6/14 00:00 ~ 7/2 23:59 SGT

100th Day Celebration Cake Event Details:
Complete all 3 Celebration Event Missions to light up 3 candles on the 100th Day celebration cake!

100th Day Celebration Cake Event Completion Reward: 1 Legendary Summon Stone

Event #1: Check in Event
Check in the Event page to receive various rewards daily.

* You must tap the prize image to claim the check in rewards
* You can check in only once a day

Event #2: Lucky Draw Event
Complete Daily Missions and Collect Lucky Draw Tickets
Use Lucky Draw Tickets for various rewards!

* Tap on the number you want to reveal the hidden prize!
* Draw Tickets are require to pick a hidden prize

Event #3: Daily Quiz Event
Answer quizzes daily and receive Karats!

Event Guide and Rules
- Event rewards may be claimed only once per account.
- The rewards will be sent to your Mailbox and stored for 7 days.

> 100th-Day Cake
- You will receive a bonus reward when the 3 candles on the 100th-day cake have been lit up.

> Check-In Event
- You can check in once a day between 00:00 - 23:59.
- Rewards will be distributed in order and you must tap on the reward to claim it.

> Lucky Draw Event
- You can get up to 3 Draw Tickets per day by completing 3 missions.
- When you have 2 Draw Tickets, you can tap on a number in Lucky Draw to open it and receive the prize.
- You cannot participate in Lucky Draw if you do not have Draw Tickets.

> Quiz Event
- You can do the quiz once a day between 00:00 - 23:59.
- Choose either O or X to answer and receive a prize.
- We can't help you if you tapped the wrong answer by mistake. Please be careful!