The Human Wizard is an expert in all forms of attack.

As the Human Wizard gives other wizards buffs, he is highly useful in parties focused on magic attacks.





Deals damage to all enemies.

This skill is more effective if used after a magic damage increase skill like Magic Contamination.

Useful for bursting down enemies with low HP.

At Lv. 5, additional damage is continuously dealt to enemies.

[Magic Contamination (Touch Skill)]

Deals damage to all enemies and and the magic damage they receive is increased.

Always use this skill first, if in a party with other Magic DPS, to maximize the damage dealt to enemies.

[Mana Burst (Auto-Skill)]

Deals AOE damage in a small area.

[Mysterious Wave (Auto-Skill)]

As long as the Human Wizard remains on the battlefield, he increases the Magic Attack Power of all allies.

Useful for those who want to build a party focused on Magic DPS.

[Wisdom (Auto-Skill)]

Increases the Human Wizard's Intelligence.

- Friendly Giant -