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Thread: Hero Codex

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    Quote Originally Posted by McBeardus View Post
    Hey Skrimir,

    Just asking for some of the heroes you ma have came across. Regardless, the devs are aware of the issue so it's being looked into. Solid evidence usually helps speed the process. No need to go out of your way

    Your support is greatly appreciated!

    - McBeardus
    Hey McBeardus, Its been a month since we asked why cp and stats of max skills heroes without gems is not the same with the description in the codex. Is the star sign upgrades included in the the hero codex? We just need clarification about this things. I don't wanna base everything under assumptions.

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    Default Hello?

    Pls answer this sht, wtf with this game? Issues in heroes cp and zodiac sign is so important and you do nothing about it, idk what to evolve since hero codex dont show the true stats. Do something now, fix this thing omgg

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