Greetings Heirs,

Here are the details on v1.6 update of Heir of Light.
Please see below for detailed information about the v1.6 update
Also, please make sure to update Heir of Light Version from 1.5.4 -> 1.6.3 from Google Play / App Store.

v1.6 Update Patch Notes:

◆ Update
[Game Guide]

: A Game Guide has been added to help strengthen your Crusade.
: Complete the missions and receive various rewards.
: The Game Guide can be found in Lobby -> Quest tab.
: Tap the guide menu to see all the missions.
: Tap the i button on top of each mission to see more details.
: Go to [Game Guide Help]

[New User Check-In]
: Introducing New User Check-In for our brand new Heirs.
: It will begin after creating an account and logging in for the first time.
: Check-in will be open for 7 days. It will close 10 days after it starts or upon claiming the last reward.
: Go to [Check-In Help]

◆ Improvements
[Character Balance]
: Characters with skills in which damage is based on DEF have been improved.

: Characters with skills in which damage is based on SPD have been improved.

[Improved PvP Matching]
: Based on ranking, the top 50 Heirs will be matched against other Heirs within the top 50.
: For Heirs who are below the top 50, they will be matched against higher or lower ranks appropriately based on their current rank.

[Improved Abaddon Floor Clear Reward]
: Clear Rewards for some floors of the Abaddon have been improved.

[Improved Lobby UI]
: A quick menu button has been added in the Lobby to increase accessibility.
: Event, Check-In, Settings, Guild, Special Shop, Special Rewards, Hall of Fame, and Element will be available in the quick menu.

[Improved Guild Check-In Reward]
The Check-In Reward for 3 consecutive guild check-ins has been improved.

[Improved Saighead's Skill effect]
: Saighead's skill actions including basic attack have been improved.

[Adjusted Play Time related to Combo Skill]
: When playing a stage, the play time will pass more slowly when a Combo Skill animation begins.

[Improved Skill Use in AUTO Mode]
: Normal skills (Heal) will be used first instead of the Combo Skills when using AUTO (stage 3), except in PvP.
: In PvP, the Combo Skills will still be used first.

[Improved animation of Wind Rune's set effect]
: When the Wind Rune's set effect is activated, the cooldown animation will now look speedier.

[Improved Character Movement during Battle]
: Fixed a bug in which characters were unable to move when blocked by monuments or bosses during battle.

[New Package and Feature]
: Legendary Pack has been added.
: The new pack can be found in Lobby -> Legendary Pack icon.
: Now upon buying an item, you may view the item's description.

[Adjusted Difficulty of Early Stages]
: For Explore stages with two Elements, it's been fixed so that bosses of the two Elements won't change frequently in each floor.
: Some Tank and Support boss monsters in Lv. 34 and Lv. 49 areas have been changed to DPS, lowering the overall difficulty.
: The following stage boss monsters have been changed:

: The boss monster level in some Manor & Explore stages has been adjusted to the following:

◆ Bug Fixes
: Fixed an error where the size of bosses in Guild Dungeon was incorrect.

: Fixed an error where some boss monsters' skill effects were incorrect.

: The number of skill hits of Heide's skill, Dharma-chakra, has been adjusted from 6 to 4.
: Fixed a bug that caused a character's stats to be displayed as Max (orange color) when it was selected after viewing information of a Max-stat character.
: Fixed an error where a 3-star Servant's skill info was not displayed when it was selected as a material in Combine.
: Fixed a bug that caused the boss Heide's buff effect to disappear when his Recovery skill duration ended.
: Fixed an error in which skill info of Servants in the Special Shop was not displayed when tapped.
: Fixed an error that displayed a white line in the background when playing the game on tablets.
: Fixed an error in which cut scenes were not displayed normally in Cult Estate when having equipped the Master Saighead Avatar.
: Fixed an error where the reset timer in the PvP list was malfunctioning during certain situations.

Thank you

- H