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    Default Problem with Blazing Summon Event

    I have complete the 200th summon and go to the Event page to receive the Transcendent Summon Stone. But after that, the Summon Stone not send to my mailbox nor anywhere. I loss the Transcendent Summon Stone but don't know the reason. Please fix this and give it back to me, 200th summon for f2p is very hard to archieve. Thank you very much.

    Crusade Name: DuyTuấn
    Player ID: 10001323330
    Sever: Asia
    Heir of Light Asia - PhoenixVN

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    Default Same issue here

    Exactly the same issue, I completed it yesterday, but today the banner disappear and no stone :-(

    Please send me the 5* stone:

    Player id:10001548048
    Crusade Name: Garokor
    Server: EU

    Thanks !


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