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    Default [Lore] Tale of Carmilla, the Red Lily

    Carmilla, the Red Lily

    < Blood mage who carries out dubious experiments at the Citadel of Thorns >

    Once was a doctor of Undra, she was accused for using blood magic in a court of law.

    She explained that she had only created this kind of magic to treat a friend who was denied help for being an outsider.

    But the doctor's association of Undra only heard her words as trivial excuses as they were fervently opposed to bloodwork.

    She was expelled from the doctor's association of Undra.
    Before her expulsion, her hands and feet were cut off so that she would never be able to practice again.

    Carmilla was forced to watch her friend die before her eyes, no longer capable of helping her.

    But maybe it was a sleight of fate?

    A few days later, a blood-based epidemic spread through Undra.

    While there were an abundance of famous doctors, none of them knew anything about blood.

    The members of the doctor's association had no other choice but to swallow their pride and beg Carmilla for help.

    However, Carmilla refused to speak and watched them die one by one.

    As the last doctor of the Undra took his last breath while choking on blood, Carmilla observed his death and left Undra.

    Only belongings she took from Undra was the skull of her beloved friend that she held dearly.

    When she lost the one person she had loved in her life forever, she received a letter from a sponsor who was intrigued by her blood magic.

    The letter asked for her help.

    The queen ruling over the Citadel of Thorns beyond the Lands of Shattered Shadows needed someone well versed in blood in order to prevent a great catastrophe.

    The letter promised that Carmilla would be given new hands and feet todo her research.

    Even greater promise was included in the letter; the queen would help her bring back her friend from the dead.

    In return, the queen asked for one thing: to refine the Dark Blood that was only elusive to the royal family.

    The queen had no idea what horrors her request would bring to the world...
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