Greetings Heirs

Heide has risen Griseldas from the dead.
They have been empowered by the Dark Blood and have declared their attack against our territory.

I ask all Heirs to take arms and defend against the army of Griseldas!

Invasion Details:
- 4★ Griselda's Mass Invasion breaks out in your Manor once during the event.
- Clear Griselda's Mass Invasion to acquire [Water] Griselda Servant Shards.

Invasion Date:
- 7/12 00:00 AM ~ 7/15 23:59 PM PDT

Notice for Griselda's Invasion:
- During the event, you may obtain [Water] Griselda Servant Summon Shards upon clearing a stage in Mass Invasion!
- You must have at least 1 liberated Manor in order to unlock Mass Invasion.
- During the event, you may not replay floors that have already been cleared.
- Even if all the floors have been cleared, Tower Invasion will still accessible. When the event ends, it will become unavailable.

Good Luck Heirs

- H