The Orc Axe Soldier is a Melee DPS who specializes in dealing with hordes of Wizards.

This Hero is able to deal massive amounts of damage if it manages to get inside a group of Wizards.


Melee DPS



Deals massive damage to a single target.

At Lv. 5, deals damage to surrounding targets as well.

[Round and Round (Touch Skill)]

A continuous attack that deals damage to surrounding enemies. As long as this skill is not interrupted, it is capable of dealing large amounts of damage.

[Hunt For Wizard (Auto-Skill]

Deals damage to the farthest target and lowers its Magic Damage.

[Adverse Reaction (Auto-Skill)]

Each time the Orc Axe Soldier deals damage, the Magic Damage it receives gradually decreases (Stacks up to 10 times)

[Ambidextrous (Auto-Skill)]

Increases Accuracy.

- Friendly Giant