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    Default What does the a b c lightning bolt mean

    Next to the pitchers or batters name there is either an a b or c in a lightning bolt bronze silver and gold..what does this mean..I have players rated 110 and only have a c or b lightning bolt

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    The lightning bolt indicates the player’s skill grade. Special edition drafts have skills included but you can add skills to live regular edition drafts as well. You can check your player’s specific skill on the roster page by selecting a single player. If you press and hold the orange question mark the details of the skill will appear. The question mark is next to the equipment link, underneath the card’s value. You can also change the specific skill for 15 diamonds by clicking on the arrow next to the skills name. C grade means the skill adds 2 stat points, B adds 3 and A adds 4 stat points. For example, one of the better batter skills is called Top Hitter. It adds extra running stats if that batter is 1st in the batting lineup. A starting batter with an A grade Top Hitter skill will have +4 run when they are up to bat. Other skills do not give any extra stat points unless some prior criteria is met such as the skill called Chance Maker which gives extra contact stat points only when a runner is on 2nd. A C grade Chance Maker skill will get +2 contact if a runner is on 2nd base at the time the player with the Chance Maker skill is up to bat. Most special edition drafts have C grade skills unless you use diamonds to change your skill but it can take a lot of skill changes before the grade increases. Some drafts such as Award Winner drafts automatically include B grade skills or higher. All special edition drafts have a certain low probability of starting with A grade skills and Legend draft skills are all automatically A grade and have their own set of special skills that are considerably better than standard skills.

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