Celestial Crystals are superior versions of Planar Crystals. A Lv. 1 Celestial Crystal is 1.5 times stronger than a SSS rank Lv. 5 Planar Crystal.

When a SSS rank Planar Crystal reaches Lv. 5, you can use two SSS rank Lv. 5 Planar Crystals of the same type and Stardust to craft Planar Soldite (Attack) or Planar Moonstone (Defense) Box.

When you use Planar Soldite, you will obtain an Attack type Celestial Crystal. When you use Planar Moonstone, you will obtain a Defense type Celestial Crystal. The stats will be determined randomly.

Soldite can be equipped on Attack type Planar Crystal slot, and Moonstone on Defense type Planar Crystal slot.

Obtained Celestial Crystal cannot be sold at Auction House or Traded.

※ Source stone and Celestial Crystal that can be obtained based on Planar Crystals

※ Randomly obtained stat for Attack Type / Defense Type Celestial Crystal

You will receive one random stat out of the six listed below per type.

[Craft Planar Soldite / Planar Moonstone Box]

Planar Crystals, obtained from Tower of Infinity, Brawl and Shop purchases, can be used to crafting Planar Soldite / Planar Moonstone.

Select the one you want to craft.

Tap on [Add Material] to move to material selecting screen.

Select two identical type SSS rank Lv. 5 Planar Crystals as materials and tap [OK].

Tap [Craft] to craft Planar Soldite or Planar Moonstone.

(Additional Stardust and Gold will be used. You can obtain Stardust from defeating monsters in Brawl.)

[Obtain Celestial Crystal]

Use Planar Soldite / Planar Moonstone that you crafted to obtain Celestial Crystals.

Select a Planar Soldite or Planar Moonstone in [Bag] – [Consumable], tap the [Use] button consume the box and obtain Celestial Crystal.

[Enhance Celestial Crystal]

Celestial Crystals can be enhanced up to Lv. 20 via [Celestial Crystal] – [View Detail] – [Enhance]

Use Planar Crystals and Gold to level up your Celestial Crystals.

Select the Celestial Crystal you want and tap the [View Details] button on the bottom.

Tap the [Enhance] button to move to Celestial Crystal enhancing screen.

After selecting enhancing materials, tap the [Enhance] button to enhance your Celestial Crystal.