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    Default Elune CBT Purchase Policy

    1) Global CBT!
    This CBT is going global to gather feedback from expert collectible RPG players from all around the globe.
    Players living in the below regions can enter the respective server to participate in this CBT.

    [CBT Servers]
    North America

    2) Purchases will be made available during the CBT

    All items in the Shop, as well as Packages, will be made available through In-App Purchases.

    For committed players that made purchases during the CBT,
    we will provide a special bonus when the game officially launches, as a token of our sincere appreciation.

    We will send additional Free Rubies that amount to 30% of the total purchases you made during CBT.

    We want to provide you all with a game play environment as close to that of the real game, just for you collectible RPG veterans out there. We welcome your feedback on all aspects of the game.
    Please see below for more details.

    [CBT Payment Details]

    In-App Purchases made during CBT can be used normally throughout the CBT period.
    If the Tester does not request refunds after the CBT, the items will be sent to the Tester's Mailbox after official launch in November, regardless of whether or not the items are used. In addition, the Tester will receive Free Rubies as a token of our appreciation. The amount of Free Rubies will be determined by the total monetary value spent during the CBT. (30 Free Rubies per 10 USD)

    ※ Precautions
    1) If the Tester's information (server, HIVE account) after official launch is not identical to the information from the CBT, there is a possibility the items will not be delivered.
    2) Packages purchased during CBT will be counted and subtracted from available purchase counts after official launch.
    3) If the Tester purchased Level Up Package 1 or Level Up Package 2 during CBT, he or she will receive only the immediate Ruby reward after official launch. Level-up rewards will be provided as the Tester reaches the designated levels after official launch.
    4) Elune Points obtained during CBT through purchases will be sent to the Tester's mailbox after official launch.
    5) Rubies and Gold included in purchased packages will be provided as Free Rubies and Free Gold after official launch.
    6) Elune is scheduled to launch in November 2018. (This schedule is subject to change at any time. We will be sure to notify you if changes have been made.)
    7) To claim the items that you've purchased during the CBT, log in with the same HIVE account that was used throughout the CBT, after the game has officially launched.

    ※ For Refunds
    1) In-App purchases made during CBT can be refunded. Refunds will be made in full for all purchases made during the CBT, regardless of whether or not the items were used. As mentioned above, launching may be delayed later than November depending on the region.
    2) Once the items have been refunded, items purchased during the CBT will not be sent to the Tester after official launch.
    3) Even if the Tester does not request refunds, money spent on [Select Summons] will be refunded in full.
    4) Refunds can be requested through [Customer Support] in-game or at
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