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    Lightbulb Future Content

    Hello everyone and especially Milksoda who is the voice of the community in this game.

    Today I want to share a couple of suggestions or ideas to update or add new content, helping to maintain the level of gameplay with the added idea of 3 game modes that I will describe in the best way I can.

    • Tower of Magic (Update)
    • Tower of Challenges (Main Game)
    • Road to Enchiridion (Adventure Time)

    Tower of Magic

    Many players including myself enjoyed having to think a bit to solve the puzzle when trying to complete the levels because as the description of the game offered in Google Play is a "Puzzle RPG" and for many players this tower was completed and forgotten, a way to revive this game mode in addition to adding new floors and prizes would be the possibility to choose between two possible prizes, something very similar to what has been implemented in current events, each prize with a RESTRICTION, that if not fulfilled, some of the prizes could not be obtained.

    For example:

    Floor 71 Tower of Magic "Possible Prizes [3 Magic Metals / 1 Normal select ticket]"
    Restriction "Do not lose any hero during battle level (Heroes can not revive) in order to get the Normal Equipment Chest"

    In this way a better balance of equipment will be made when going up and the restrictions would add that "Magical" element to the Game.

    Tower of Challenges

    Many of us are stuck in certain levels either in ToT, ToE or Main story but only justified by the power or resistance of our heroes, a way to make more justifiable the barriers in the progression would be to add a new tower or in its absence a new Game mode that is focused on exclusive "Challenges".

    The Tower of the challenges would be posed to be able to conclude the Challenges under certain requirements:

    For example:

    Floor 1 Tower of the Challenges "Reward (100 Gems)"
    Requirements "Eliminate enemies off the board with Railgun characters in 4 turns or less"

    Floor 2 Tower of Challenges "Reward (30 Swords)"
    Requirements "Eliminate the boss using a chain of 3 (Any other type of attack will make him recover his life quickly"

    Floor 50 Tower of Challenges "Reward (5 Spirit Metal)
    Requirements "Eliminate all enemies using 1 character of each type (Attack, fire, water, wood, support) the characters can not be repeated or the enemies will double damage"

    Floor 60 Tower of Challenges "Reward (5 Spirit Stone)
    Requirements "Survive 8 turns without losing any hero, you do not need to eliminate all enemies" (Some enemies will have higher levels of life and endurance to complete the challenge).

    This tower reinforces the meaning of the word Puzzle where it is not exclusively necessary to kill everything that moves, but to plan a strategy that allows you to resist or eliminate everyone under the requirements of the levels.

    Road to the Enchiridion

    A mini game mode designed to expand the content of the newly updated "Adventure Time" with a challenge that uses the same concept as "Champion road" with a series of levels where you can not revive whoever dies, but with a hidden condition, that it will not be specified and that the player will have to be revealed only based on a phrase that will be present before starting the level and that changes the game mode and makes it more interesting.

    As an Adventure Time Fan, and referring to it, "During the Search of the book" The Enchiridion "Finn and Jake have to reach the top of a mountain, but during the trip the dangers are not what they seem" using this as a main concept can be posed as follows:

    For example:

    Level 1 Road to the Enchiridion Reward (100 Finn cakes)
    Clue "There is wood that can not be burned, but it can get wet"

    Hidden condition "Fire Characters can not damage wood enemies and are immune to them, the only way to eliminate them is to apply a damage reduction effect (Blue Affection, Using Jenny or Raphael) to make enemies vulnerable to the damages "

    Level 2 Road to Enchiridion (Level 5 Random Equipment Ticket)
    Clue "The Forest Archer"

    Hidden condition "The only way to eliminate enemies is with long-range attacks and the effects added to weapons do additional damage to enemies"

    Level 20 Road to the Enchiridion (5 Rainbow Coin)
    Clue "3 in a row"

    Hidden condition "Only enemies can be eliminated by perfect attacks as a result of chains of 3"

    Level 40 Road to the Enchiridion Reward (5 Rainbow Metals)
    Track "United we are stronger"

    Hidden condition "You can only eliminate enemies using chains of 5, any other type of attack will be reduced by 60% damage"

    This game mode would be set to restart every week, as well as the “Chanpion Road” increasing the level and competitiveness of those who are Free to Play and returning a bit of that essence that had the game when just players began to climb the towers gradually and you could see the progression of the characters.

    Thanks and I hope I have been clear about my suggestions.
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    Hi Vsaever!

    It looks like this took some time to put together and I thank you for this!
    I do like your suggestions, especially the tower focusing on the exclusive "challenges" with requirements on them to clear.
    These ideas are solid suggestions that I've seen been done in other mobile games as well.
    I'll share your ideas with the rest of the team so that we can all take a look at it.
    Thanks again!

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    I appreciate your time and your comment Milksoda, and really this is a game with many possibilities and not only limited to how much money you can invest in it, but how you can adapt the content with which accounts to improve most aspects of the game is what makes the difference and highlights you from the rest,

    I hope we can see some of this by the middle of next year, or a kind of surprise during the next anniversary of the Dungeon Link
    "At every moment, our lives are linked with other people creating the reality that surrounds us"

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