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    Default [Notice] New Events! (10/11 PDT)

    Hi anglers,

    Check out our new events as of 10/11 PDT!

    Costume Combining Event (until 10/12 19:00 PDT)

    Combine your Costume items to land bigger, more challenging fish!

    1. Increased chance to add Special Stats when you Combine your Costume items!

    2. Combine Resets are available in the Item Shop for 50% LESS Stars!

    3. Right now, Epic Lucky Cards have a greater chance of helping you get awesome items!

    *Contains an [Epic Luck Card], [Ultimate Rare Synthetic Material]

    4. What;s more, Epic Lucky Cards are 50% OFF!

    Now's your chance to get Special Stats you want on your Costumes!

    Chance to Upgrade Costume to [Epic]! (until 10/12 19:00 PDT)

    Costume upgrade will be easier during the event!

    1. Costume upgrade will be easier during the event! Epic upgrade Lv required lowered from 25 to 20!

    2. Discount for upgrade costs during the event! Epic - 300 Stars > 1500 Stars

    Costume Universal Upgrade Gem Reward Event (until 10/11 19:00 PDT)

    When you buy Star products, you get Costume Universal Upgrade Gems! Check it out at the item shop!

    4800 Stars: [Epic] Costume Universal Upgrade Gem x90, Epic Luck Coupon x20, Combine Option Removal Ticket (Costume) x1

    2250 Stars: [Epic] Costume Universal Upgrade Gem x40, Epic Luck Coupon x20

    1260 Stars: [Epic] Costume Universal Upgrade Gem x15, Epic Luck Coupon x3

    Check out the Item Shop NOW!
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