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    Default [CM Event] Complete the Missions (10/15 - 10/23 PDT)

    Hello Elunes!

    I, Coco, have a couple bonus Missions for you to complete.
    If you do, you will be rewarded heavily when the Dimensional Gates to Elune open again!
    Will you accept my Quest?


    Mission 1: Reach account level 25
    Mission 2: Clear ALL acts in Mt. Sky (Hard)

    Event Duration: 10/15 - 10/23 PDT

    Google Survey:

    Event Reward:
    50 Random Participants who completed both Missions
    ‣ 300 Rubies

    Reward Date: 1 week after Official Launch

    ※ Rewards will be delivered after Official Launch.
    ※ Participant must complete both missions in order to qualify for rewards.
    ※ Participant must submit their information on the Google Survey to qualify for rewards.
    ※ Participant must provide correct user information to receive rewards.
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