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    Default Elune CBT Refund Policy Changes (Updated 11/25 PST)

    Hello Elunes,

    Due to the Launch Schedule Changes, we would like to inform you of the updated Refund Policy.
    The refund schedule for purchases made during Elune's CBT will be extended as follows:

    [Refund Period]
    Previous Refund Period: 10/23 04:00 - 11/21 01:00 PST
    Changed Refund Period: 10/23 04:00 - 7 days prior to Official Launch 23:59 PST

    ※ Further notice will be provided when the Official Launch date is announced.

    [Refund Request]
    To request a refund on PC:
    To request a refund on Mobile:

    [If you do Not Request a Refund]
    If you do not request refunds after the CBT, the items will be sent to your Mailbox after Official Launch, regardless of whether or not the items were used. Additionally, you will receive 30 Free Rubies per $10 spent during the CBT.

    ※ Precautions
    1) There is a possibility that items will not be delivered if the user's information (Server, HIVE account) is not identical to the same as the one used during CBT.
    2) Packages purchased during CBT will be counted and subtracted from available purchase counts after Official Launch.
    3) If you purchased the [Level-Up Package 1] or [Level-Up Package 2] during CBT, you will only receive the initial purchase items after Official Launch. Items that are rewarded for reaching certain levels will be delivered once you reach the appointed levels after Official Launch.
    4) Elune Points earned from purchases during CBT will be sent to your account after Official Launch.

    [Select Summon Refunds]
    Users who purchased the [Select Summon] during the CBT will begin being issued refunds starting 11/25 PST.

    For more details about our Refund Policy, please visit our Refund Policy Notice:

    For details about the Official Launch Schedule, please visit our Launching Schedule Changes Notice:

    Thank you.
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