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    Default [Notice] New Events! (11/8 PST)

    Hi anglers,

    Check out our new events as of 11/8 PST!

    Pepero Day Event (until 11/11 18:00 PST)

    Happy 11/11!

    1. New [Fin-tastic Package] available for purchase! Enjoy the thrill of getting various items such as a [Legend] Special Potion (+15), [Legend] Premium Enhance Stone Random Box, and much more!

    2. Costume Wardrobe Now Available! Come check out the [Rare] Costumes you've been waiting for! Choose one that fits you best! [Costume Part Selection Box 1,2,3] / [costume Selection Box]

    Check it out in the Shop now!

    Let's Get Lucky! Luck Card Event! (until 11/9 18:00 PST)

    You're in luck! The Luck Card Event begins!

    1. Increased rates of acquiring extra special items from Legend Luck Cards!

    2. 50% discount for this special Luck Card Event!

    Costume Wardrobe Now Available (11/10 18:00 PST)

    1. You can purchase [costume Selection Box] at the item shop. Check it out now! New Item [Glorious Ruler] UPDATE!

    2. [Costume Part Selection Box 1,2,3]

    [Summer Breeze] UPDATE! Don't have a full costume yet? Here's a chance to get one! Complete a costume set and receive a set effect!

    3. Purchase Hermes Gold Ticket

    Hermes, the god of merchants. will be blessing anglers with 1M Gold for 10 days! Check it out in the Shop now!

    [Guaranteed Fishing Rod] Reward Event (until 11/8 18:00 PST)

    If you buy Stars in the Item Shop, receive a [Guaranteed Fishing Rod Luck Coupon] according to how much you spend!

    4800 Stars: Guaranteed Fishing Rod Luck Coupon (Lv. 80+) x10, Legend Lucky Cards x30, Fin-tastic Package x2

    2250 Stars: Guaranteed Fishing Rod Luck Coupon (Lv. 80+) x4, Legend Lucky Cards x12, Fin-tastic Package x1

    1260 Stars: Guaranteed Fishing Rod Luck Coupon (Lv. 80+) x1, Legend Lucky Cards x4

    375 Stars: Legend Lucky Cards x1, Epic Luck Coupon x1
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