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    Default [Event] End of the Year Special Avatar Sale [12/3 ~ 1/7 PST]

    Greetings Champions!
    We have prepared special End of the Year Avatar Sale to celebrate holiday season!

    For this special avatar sale, every avatar beside limited edition avatar will go on sale!
    Come check out our newest Avatar Sales in [Inventory > Avatars]!

    Event Details:
    12/3 ~ 1/7 6:00 PM PST
    12/4 ~ 1/8 10:00 AM SGT


    [Avatars on SALE]
    - All avatars beside limited edition avatars.

    [Weapons on SALE]
    - All weapons beside limited edition weapons.

    [Wings on SALE]
    - All wings beside limited edition wings.

    ※ Event dates may be subject to change.

    Don't miss this great sales event!!

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    Thank you, GAMEVIL and Kritika Team for this event, please add 2 Avatar for Dark Valkyrie/Blood Demon

    and Cat Acrobat/ Crimson Assassin/ Mystic Wolf Guardian,

    i find this avatars from 2 years ago, but can't buy this (think this sale when Summer but still not for 3 years)... some player tell me this avatar sell in 1st, 2nd year of Kritika...

    End of year, hope you add 2 Avatars for later player can buy it, thank you.

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    I totally agree. My blood demon would look beautiful.

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