Hi anglers,

Check out our new events as of 12/5 PST!

[Epic] Float Combining Event (until 12/6 18:00 PST)

1. 20% discount for upgrade costs during the event! Discounted costs for star upgrades during the event! 1500 Stars > 1200 Stars

2. Higher chance of Lucky Upgrades for [Epic] Floats!

3. Discounted Lucky [Epic] Float upgrade costs!

Lucky Upgrade Exclusive Scroll Rewards (until 12/5 18:00 PST)

Right now, if you purchase Stars in the Item Shop, you'll also receive 1 or more [Luckier Float Coupon]!

4800 Stars: [Epic] Universal Gem x30, Lucky Upgrade Exclusive Scroll x100, Advanced Float Transfer Ticket x3

2250 Stars: [Epic] Universal Gem x12, Lucky Upgrade Exclusive Scroll x30, Advanced Float Transfer Ticket x1

1260 Stars: [Epic] Universal Gem x5, Epic Synthetic Material x7